When in Rome

Eseye are going to the European Vending Week (http://www.vending-europe.eu/en/events/evex/evex-2017/), with Jacques Magnuszewski and Marco Parmegiani.

EVEX 2017Vending markets are enjoying an IoT revolution, with opportunities for optimisation of stock logistics and fault monitoring driving the innovation of connecting vending machines. IoT sensor and connectivity costs are decreasing making it even cheaper to maximise device uptime and revenue.

Simple, secure and easy to set up and scale connectivity is crucial for IoT projects, the Frost & Sullivan award winning AnyNet Secure SIM with a seamless connection to the AWS Cloud can be your answer (https://www.eseye.com/frost-sullivan/).

To organise a meeting with the Eseye team at EVEX 2017 call +44 1483 802 501, +33 9 87 67 53 36 or email sales@eseye.com

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