Exclusive Report: Hear from 6 IoT leaders about the future of IoT


“We can only guess at what IoT entrepreneurs will come up with once they have access to data from trillions of devices capturing rich data on every aspect of our lives and businesses. But it’s likely to be an even bigger wave of innovation than the internet unleashed.” – Nick Earle, CEO, Eseye.

Change is happening. IoT is redefining how the world does business. Could you be one of the future disruptors?

Drawing on insight from leading industry thinkers, this exclusive Special Report examines the opportunities that IoT offers for companies to create disruptive products and services.

It then looks at lessons which can be learnt from the digital leaders who are already succeeding in delivering disruption through connected devices, and how they trod the path success. It demystifies this new opportunity for connected ‘things’, identifies four key barriers to success and provides a valuable how-to guide to quickly, and effectively, unlock the gates of disruption.

Download our free Special Report to gain exclusive interviews, recommendations and predictions from the following contributors:

  • Tony Shakib, IoT Business Acceleration Leader, Microsoft Azure
  • Dr. Miroslaw Ryba, Global IoT Leader, EY
  • Andreas Haegele, VP of IoT, Thales
  • Josef Brunner, CEO, Relayr
  • Peter van der Fluit, Principal, Chasm Group
  • Nick Earle, Chairman & CEO, Eseye

Views from six IoT leaders from across the industry

6 IoT Leaders_DisruptionReport

(Pictured left to right: Tony Shakib, Dr. Miroslaw Ryba, Andreas Haegele
Josef Brunner, Peter van der Fluit, Nick Earle)

Get Inspired: How Costa disrupted the Coffee Market

Case Study


Searching for new ways to innovate and disrupt, Costa Coffee aimed to deliver premium quality drinks to disrupt the traditional retail model and gain market share. They created their vision of a connected coffee machine but needed help to transform that vision into a reality that could help them conquer the coffee world.


Costa chose Eseye to help design and connect their coffee machines. Using Eseye HERA 600 IoT Edge Hardware they were able to aggregate data from their vast array of sensors. The HERA provides near 100% global connectivity – important for machines that needed to maximise uptime.


Due to the global reliable connectivity – Costa have been able to easily and aggressively scale the rollout of these machines across multiple countries. From telematic data to pushing out new promotions – the smart vending machines have been an unmitigated success.

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The Potential of IoT

Embrace IoT without limits. We deliver innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions that help our customers drive up business value, deploy differentiated experiences and disrupt their markets. Supported by a powerful partner ecosystem, we seamlessly connect devices across 190 countries, agnostic to over 700 available global networks.

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