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Tame the complexity of IoT. Eseye helps you design, deploy and manage your estate with ease – no matter how many devices or locations you need. Unlock the true potential of IoT.

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2000+ customers
190+ countries
700+ networks
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Smart Connectivity, Installed

Deploy, manage, optimise and secure your IoT devices at scale, without the need to hire connectivity engineers.

IoT Professional Services

Unlock all your IoT needs. With one partner.

Build with purpose. Our experts accelerate the design process so you can get to market quicker. Unlock the power of connectivity to act fast and grow effortlessly.

Eseye IoT Device Design Service

Device Design

Built to deliver. Our design engineers refine your hardware plans, taking them from concept to market – on time and on budget.

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Eseye IoT Consultancy and Professional Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Get IoT experts on your team. Our support helps you design, prototype, and build a product that meets your business needs and budget.

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IoT Device Certification Consultancy Services

Device Certification

Struggling with certification requirements? Our experts design compliant IoT devices that tick all the boxes – at home and globally.

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Eseye IoT Deployment Service

Deployment Service

Our Deployment Services team takes care of the planning and SIM lifecycle management for your IoT device, leaving you to focus your business.

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Our Success Stories

We’re the name behind some of the world’s biggest IoT projects

We empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions.

Shell Recharge EV Charging IoT Case Study

IoT Connectivity Powers the EV Charging Revolution

Learn why Shell Recharge partnered with Eseye to power Europe’s largest charging network.

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Telli Health Telehealth IoT Case Study

How Telli Health Achieved IoT Device eUICC Certification in the US

Learn how Eseye helped Telli Health to save 94% in support costs, onboard patients 80% faster and improve unique daily data transmissions by 73%.

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Yoco IoT POS Case Study

Accelerating Payment Processing Revolution

Learn how Yoco improved POS transaction approval rates to 92-94% with Eseye’s support

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Costa Express Smart Vending IoT Case Study

Barista Coffee via IoT Vending

Learn why Costa Express selected Eseye to power its estate of smart vending coffee machines in 17+ countries.

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IoT Use Cases

How IoT is transforming business

From saving lives to tracking shipments, IoT drives efficiency across multiple sectors. How could it build your business?



IoT connectivity helps save lives with smart care in real time.

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Smart Vending

Smart Vending

Connectivity powers smart vending machines and new retail experiences.

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IoT for Supply Chains

Supply Chain

Optimise your supply chain with data analytics powered by global IoT.

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IoT for EV Charging

EV Charging

Charge a greener future. IoT helps increase charger reliability.

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IoT for Telemetry and Telematics

Telematics & Telemetry

Live monitoring means greater insight, efficiency, and customer service.

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IoT Energy Renewables Utilities Solutions

Energy, Renewables and Utilities

Smart devices help sustain smart cities and renewable energy sources.

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IoT for Payment systems POS

Payment Systems & POS

Reliable, secure connectivity can boost transaction revenue by 30%.

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Discover how to de-risk your IoT Deployment

Need to get it right first time? Learn the key steps to implement an Enterprise-grade IoT solution that’s reliably future-proofed.

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What People are Saying

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what customers say about working with Eseye.

It’s easy to manage all the cellular connectivity of our devices worldwide with a centralised solution, which in turn eliminates time spent looking for a suitable local connectivity provider, reduces costs due to economies of scale, and offers an easy to use management platform for Haltian”

Pasi Leipälä, CEO

Switching across different local operators is the major benefit and improvement we were looking for, Eseye helped us overcome the connectivity issues we had in several locations, where a single operator couldn’t provide the minimum signal required to maintain an acceptable service level to our customers and users”

Nicola Scardi, Head of Marketing and Business Development

Eseye’s fully redundant fault-tolerant network provides a managed connectivity service with a global footprint, whilst support for multiple cellular networks in each geographical region enables close to 100% connectivity uptime. This means that we can deploy connected devices and deliver premium quality drinks virtually anywhere in the world. A real advantage as the company is seeking to expand rapidly across international markets”

Paul Borrett, Systems & Data Director

Eseye’s rapid prototyping methodology approach is cutting our time to market by about 50%, which, in a fast-moving industry, is very important”

Declan O’Brien, Director

The Eseye solution also offers one single global bill which combines the costs of network providers across all contracts. This aggregation means I can approach a customer in any location and easily understand the cost to me and therefore understand the cost to them. That capability coupled with the ability to provide a SIM that works for their geographical region is a tremendous advantage. This ability to remove the complexities of working globally is proving essential to our own growth ambitions”

Barbara Hathaway, VP Engineering

Eseye is the partner that completes Micro Systems’ IoT offering. The global SIM Card Eseye AnyNet™ solution is used in all the electronic boards we develop to equip them with connectivity”

Tiziana Tosi, Marketing Manager

We chose Eseye as our connectivity partner because we are really confident in the service they provide. Ultimately, we want to work with class-leading software providers and the advanced technology Eseye offers is far beyond what anyone else in the market can provide”

Gary Kirkland, CTO

Verizon is America’s largest and most reliable network, so achieving certification catapults us above our competitors and ensures our patients can reliably use our RPM devices in even the most rural areas”

Jeff Bartzen, Sales Executive

Eseye ticked all the boxes in terms of the services we need. Once we decided to go with mobile network communication, the AnyNet+ eSIM card was the perfect product for us. In terms of hardware requirements, the fact that Eseye has SIM and eSIM cards was an advantage for us”

Dr. Jan Allenberg, Chief Technology Officer

The partnership with Eseye has become very strategic to our ongoing development. The relationship provides high levels of service delivery, as well as a support structure that will provide peace of mind to all our commissioners and users alike”

Peter Kerly, UK Managing Director

Supporting IoT Innovators

We are committed to providing our customers with the best service and support throughout the lifetime of their connected devices. We’re proud to hold an NPS score that’s 66% higher than the telecoms industry average.

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