Shell Recharge EV Charging IoT Case Study
IoT EV Charging Success

IoT Connectivity Powers the EV Charging Revolution.

Learn why Shell Recharge partnered with Eseye to power Europe’s largest charging network.

Shell Recharge drives forward the EV charging revolution    

Every year, Shell Recharge IoT-enabled EV charging solutions are helping to save the planet over 2,000 tonnes of carbon yearly, contributing to a clean generation for the future.

The Shell Recharge network is a rapidly growing worldwide network of public fast chargers, enabling drivers to seamlessly recharge their vehicles at convenient places while on the road. Shell Recharge is Europe’s largest charging partner offering fast and ultra-fast charging at Shell stations and access to over 600,000 public charge points in 35 countries. 

Shell Recharge planned to open EV charge stations in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, the UK, and Norway. However, their multi-regional deployment needed some thought. Certain regions faced roaming restrictions which can affect connectivity levels. Shell Recharge sought reliable, high-connectivity providers who would make their vision into a reality and become partners for the long road ahead. 

Deploying hundreds or thousands of charge points across a country on a single mobile network will mean 15–25% without a reliable connection. Given that charge points aspire to be in action for a decade or more with minimum human intervention, it’s important that they reliably perform. And they can only perform at their best if they have excellent connectivity. Connectivity, in fact, is a critical foundation to the EV charge point operation including payment processing, software updates, scheduling, promotions, and user analytics.  

Shell Recharge sought an intelligent connectivity solution that would enable them to monitor and remotely manage every one of their charge points across Europe with ease and efficiency. In addition, the connectivity solution needed to port the customer charging data back to the server and provide it to the customer through a user-friendly App and online charge portal. 

Why Shell Recharge chose Eseye

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EV charging powerhouse

An eUICC compliant, embedded multi-IMSI AnyNet+ SIM enables automatic mobile connectivity to deliver near 100% connectivity uptime, across 190 countries.

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Rapid scalability

Our simplified global management and deployment handled from a single, remote location enables Shell Recharge to scale at speed.

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Customer experience

Our reliable connectivity ensures Shell Recharge can consistently supply a great EV charging experience for businesses, homes and customers on-the-go.

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Harnessing IoT with Shell Recharge

A key strategic partner

Eseye was chosen because we can deliver global connectivity in even the most remote and challenging locations. 

Instead of installing different SIM cards at each location; rather, Shell Recharge uses Eseye’s single AnyNet+ SIM across its entire estate and accesses near 100% connectivity. 

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Connectivity everywhere, everytime

A single AnyNet+ SIM card comes pre-loaded with up to ten IMSI profiles – allowing access to ten different networks – so the EV charge points always have multiple communication options. 

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Competitive data and easy invoicing

Our single IoT eSIM gives Shell Recharge access to local data rates on 700+ mobile networks across 190+ countries. When it comes to billing, it couldn’t be easier with a single invoice for all global connectivity – simple. 

Shell EV charging station

Supporting Europe’s largest charging network

Eseye’s global support team provides highly responsive technical support to ensure continued network uptime and service reliability. 

Shell Recharge station

With each EV charge station expected to have a lifespan of 5-10 years, it is imperative that our suppliers understand our need to have reliable and future proof solutions

Remi Caron, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Shell Recharge is rapidly becoming differentiated leaders in their field. This is because of the innovation and out-of-the-box thinking which drives their business. It was evident from the onset that success in partnering with Shell Recharge relied on delivering a core managed and highly reliable cellular solution

Paul Marshall, Co-Founder and CCO

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