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Discover why InstaVolt chose Eseye’s reliable, near 100% connectivity to power its UK EV fast-charge points.

InstaVolt’s search for reliable cellular IoT connectivity 

As the providers of the UK’s largest owner-operated rapid EV charging network, InstaVolt knows that experience is everything when it comes to encouraging driver adoption of electric vehicles and helping the UK achieve critical net zero emissions by 2050.

InstaVolt delivers the simplest and most transparent approach to EV charging available. Its straightforward pay-as-you-go service has no subscription or connection charge; customers simply drive up to conveniently located charge points, tap their contactless payment card, and pay only for the energy they use.

InstaVolt needed a partner that could deliver reliable IoT connectivity to power its network of EV charging stations nationwide. A partner who would support InstaVolt in its quest to build a reputation in the UK for fast, hassle-free EV charging.

In a bid to deliver a world-class customer experience, InstaVolt set out to find the best connectivity partner in the UK.

Without ultra-reliable connectivity, EV charging is stuck on the starting grid.

Current and future EV drivers need to know they can plan journeys with confidence. When it comes to recharging, they simply want to drive up, pay, charge and drive away. Delays caused by having to wait for payment connections are frustrating. Even a short delay per customer can lead to queues which reduce the efficiency of charge points, limiting customer throughput and – perhaps most concerning in a sector where adoption is still at an early stage – denting customer confidence.

Why InstaVolt chose Eseye

Maximum uptime for increased customer confidence


Reliable connectivity

Eseye provides near 100% connectivity in the UK, ensuring high availability for InstaVolt customers so they get a superior, stress-free charging experience every time

Icon_Happy customers

Happy customers

InstaVolt’s customers rely on the fast-charging network’s service reliability. Rapid charging and fast connectivity are even more critical when EV adoption is accelerating

Icon_Long-term solution

Long-term solution

Eseye’s robust, long term connectivity solution is both flexible and scalable – ready for when InstaVolt expands its network.

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From the provider’s perspective, unreliable connectivity negatively affects the commercial viability of their charging network. A connectivity wait time of one minute per customer soon accumulates, reducing the number of customer charging sessions available and consequently lowering the revenue achievable by each unit. And if connectivity fails entirely, payments cannot be processed.

The fundamental role of connectivity in EV charging business models was emphasised in recent Eseye research on the State of IoT Adoption. Nine out of ten participants agreed that “the evolution of intelligent connectivity is going to be critical to continue to fuel adoption of IoT” and – by extension – the adoption of EVs themselves.

With adoption accelerating, fast connectivity and rapid charging will become even more critical.

Considering that InstaVolt is building its brand reputation and trust around the simplicity and ease-of-use of its network, it is imperative that it works with market-leading partners that can guarantee the connectivity and future reliability required.

Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM and advanced connectivity management platform delivers the uptime InstaVolt needs to build customer confidence in its nationwide charging infrastructure.

Harnessing IoT with Instavolt

Total flexibility

Our AnyNet+ SIM and advanced Connectivity Management Platform offer InstaVolt fallback connectivity options. Charge points can switch networks seamlessly and connect to the best available one at the point of connection.

Instavolt mobile app

IoT device onboarding

When it comes to getting devices into the field, Eseye’s research found that EV providers find device deployment and rollout a major challenge.

Eseye delivered a device onboarding service where charge points were tested in different connectivity environments to ensure customers would get the same reliable service, wherever the charge point was located and whatever conditions it was operating in.

Instavolt EV charging pump

Future-proofed connectivity

InstaVolt charge points embedded with Eseye AnyNet+ SIMs are designed to operate in the field for up to 30 years. In that time, the UK will pass critical milestones such as requiring all new vehicles to have significant zero-emissions capabilities from 2030 and be 100% zero-emissions from 2035.

Instavolt EV Chargers Forecourt

Scale at speed

InstaVolt currently has a network of 700 rapid and ultra-rapid charging stations nationwide and has seen network utilisation grow exponentially post-COVID, delivering close to 1.5GWh of 100% renewable energy per month! Eseye will continue to support InstaVolt’s commitment to install 10,000 rapid chargers across the UK, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland by 2030

Instavolt EV Charger

We chose Eseye as our connectivity partner because we are really confident in the service they provide. Ultimately, we want to work with class-leading software providers and the advanced technology Eseye offers is far beyond what anyone else in the market can provide

Gary Kirkland, CTO

By choosing Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM to power its charge point connectivity, InstaVolt is putting itself in pole position to drive EV adoption and play a pivotal role in the UK’s transition to low carbon transport

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO

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