Multi-RAT IoT Connectivity
Multi-RAT IoT Solutions

Total connectivity resilience.

Connect for today, and whatever comes next.

Our solutions are designed to adapt to any Radio Access Type (RAT) to give you peace of mind and make sure your IoT solution is always optimised.

Multiple Radio Access Types (RATs)

Total connectivity freedom

Mix ‘n’ match connectivity

Harness the power of multiple RATs such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, and LoRaWAN, to make sure your device uses the most optimal connectivity, when you need it.

Optimal flexibility & resiliency

Adapt to technology changes and bolster resilience as your deployment scales with multi-RAT connectivity for your IoT devices.

Agnostic technology

Set and forget connectivity. No matter what technology delivers it, enjoy a high-performing, secure, and reliable connection.

Future-Proof your Deployment

The rise of multi-RAT IoT connectivity

Demand for multi-RAT connectivity is increasing. Today your IoT device might connect using cellular and Wi-Fi, but fast forward 10-15 years and you may want to take advantage of low-cost Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites or emerging low-frequency wireless communication protocols. Designing your IoT solution with multi-RAT flexibility gets your device ready for the future.

Plug & play multi-RAT connectivity

Supercharge performance with a multi-RAT IoT Router.
Our Hera IoT routers offer 3G, 4G, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi capabilities out of the box, all backed by our award-winning embedded multi-IMSI AnyNet+ eSIM.

With multiple fallback options, and connectivity intelligent powered by AnyNet SMARTconnect™ our Hera IoT routers react swiftly to downtime. Minimise disruption. Maximise uptime.

Leveraging multiple RATs

With IoT, not all RATs are created equal. Data usage, coverage and deployment scale greatly influence your costs and success. To keep service levels in check, you may need to use multiple RATs.

With our Infinity IoT Platform™, you can leverage the strengths of each RAT and keep costs under control.

Automate and optimise RAT selection

No more stress over selecting the right RAT for your IoT application. Our AnyNet+ SMARTconnect™ software for multi-RAT IoT devices takes care of it all.

Whether you need cost-effective connectivity or want to optimise battery life, our software customises connectivity to your exact needs.

Save money and energy

With modem prices continuing to decline, the cost of putting multiple modems into an IoT device is becoming more economical.

A multi-RAT solution become an attractive way of both increasing flexibility and device and battery performance, while driving lower cost communications.

Global IoT ready.

Introducing the Hera IoT router – giving you out of the box high-speed, secure and reliable multi-RAT connectivity for your global IoT estate.

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Success Stories

Our experts are behind every connection

Some of the world’s biggest companies trust Eseye with their global connectivity. Why? Our track record of delivering reliable results. First time, every time.

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