IoT Asset Monitoring

Connect, monitor,

Unlock valuable insights to boost productivity and security, save on maintenance costs and keep your customers happy with real-time, global connectivity for IoT asset management.

IoT Asset Connectivity Solutions

Connect to your assets every time.

Improve asset visibility

Boost your service levels with real-time, in-transit asset tracking data at your fingertips to prevent loss, theft, and delays.

IoT data insights

Streamline your processes

Maximise your efficiency and optimise operations by using data from IoT sensors to automate workflows and improve processes.

Optimise maintenance strategies

Use real-time data to track asset performance, condition, and usage for improved predictive maintenance, ensuring optimal uptime and performance.

Manage, Secure, and Track

Better asset visibility, control and compliance

Get reliable, global IoT connectivity to unlock the full potential of your assets. Track real-time data on asset usage, condition, and location, to gain valuable insights and achieve a competitive edge in the market.

Go global

With a single intelligent eSIM, you can cut production costs, track your assets worldwide and keep your customers up-to-date with delivery updates.

Access more than 700 leading networks using a blend of local on-net connectivity and roaming covering 190+ countries.

No more connectivity interruptions. Experience unparalleled uptime and take your IoT asset tracking to new heights.

Boost your productivity

Optimise asset performance with real-time data insights. Our device-to-cloud connectivity solutions offer reliable, low-latency connections, ensuring peak asset performance.

Ready to Launch?

Our mission: Maximise your IoT project’s return.

We go beyond SIMs. Our IoT LaunchPad™ service provides a guided, customised step-by-step journey resulting in tested assets that connect in any environment, whether that be at the docks or in retail stores. Complete with full support and certification advice to ensure you succeed.

Expect nothing less than optimal performance.

Helicopter tracking

Centralised connectivity control

Level up your IoT deployments with our Infinity IoT Platform™

See and control every IoT asset you’ve deployed and take charge of every connection – and every application your assets need. You set the rules, Infinity handles it all – seamlessly connecting to the strongest network.

Eseye IoT SIM and Device Management

Discover how to maximise smart device data

Learn how you can harness IoT data for smart asset management and see why having ultra-reliable global connectivity is crucial in getting you the data you need to make informed decisions.

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Success Stories

Our experts are behind every connection

Some of the world’s biggest companies trust Eseye with their global connectivity. Why? Our track record of delivering reliable results. First time, every time.

Fassi Gru IoT Case Study

Transforming maintenance processes with IoT

Learn how Fassi Gru simplified their crane business with a connectivity solution that enables its cranes to communicate wherever they were deployed in the world.

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Guaranteeing Consistent Connectivity on the Move

Discover how t42 are using Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ for the remote GPS tracking, monitoring and protection of a variety of assets – mobile and fixed – from anywhere, at any time.

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Creating Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

Discover how PathoSans and its customers are remotely monitoring the health of their PS600 series on-demand cleaning and sanitising solution generators.

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WeWash Smart Payment IoT POS Case Study

Helping WeWash bring 21st century laundry rooms to new markets

Discover how we help WeWash deliver digitised shared laundry services with our IoT connectivity.

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