Cellular IoT Connectivity

The challenge for IoT in supply chains

Despite the sophistication of global supply chains, billions of dollars of food, fuel, medicines, and goods are thought to be lost every year.

Learn about the opportunities created by continuous monitoring, the barriers to achieving them, and how you can overcome them in the short and long term.

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IoT Supply Chains

How IoT can transform supply chains?

Connected supply chains offer a global opportunity for any business looking to streamline operations and work smarter to reduce waste, loss, and costs.

A lean smart supply chain approach utilizing IoT solutions offers complete control over supply chain events from production through to transportation, distribution, storage, and retail.

Connected Supply Chains

Track your product’s global journey with continuous connectivity

Whatever communications standard you use, you will need to transmit data via mobile networks to constantly track products that move around the world. Learn about our cost-effective, global cellular connectivity solution, AnyNet+.

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IoT supply chains with cellular connectivity

Reliable, ubiquitous IoT connectivity is the foundation to building an uninterrupted global smart supply chain solution. A disturbance or breakage in connectivity can affect the whole chain and lead to a loss in time and profitability.

Here are just some of the ways our AnyNet global IoT connectivity solutions can support supply chains:

Intelligent monitoring

Reduced wastage

With access to over 700 mobile networks, AnyNet+ SIM enables your IoT sensors can transmit real-time data on areas such as location, temperature, tilt, and tamper.

Guarantee the safety and quality of your product by triggering time-critical reactive intervention and optimize proactive monitoring for both perishable and non-perishable goods, maintaining optimum environmental conditions throughout your supply chain.

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Constant connectivity

Product traceability

The AnyNet Connectivity Management Platform allows you to customise and manage your device connectivity throughout your global IoT supply chain. Reliable, global connectivity = simple, transparent traceability.

Be confident that your product is fit to use or consume and reduce losses with accurate data on location and environmental conditions at each stage of your supply chain.

Empower your customers with the ability to track their products, whether it’s monitoring a parcel’s route to destination or tracing a food item back to its source.

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IoT security

End-to-end security

Our layered end-to-end approach to IoT security, in partnership with Armis, offers superior levels of protection that ensure your data is secure from device to cloud and combat any data security risks.

Without any additional hardware or software, Armis integrates with Eseye in the cloud for device inventory, risk assessment, and threat detection and response. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure throughout your supply chain.

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