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Delivery complete control

Complete control

With near 100% global coverage, you have complete control over supply chain events from production through to distribution and storage.

Supply chain security

IoT security as standard

Our IoT hardware and connectivity solutions are designed with security in mind and supported by additional security packages and integrations.

Transform operations

Transform operations

Improve warehouse management with reliable tracking, accurate forecasting, and real-time inventory stock taking.

Build a robust IoT supply chain

Lay the foundation for success with your IoT connectivity

A lean smart supply chain approach utilising IoT solutions offers complete control over events from production through to transportation, distribution, storage, and retail. With our Infinity IoT Platform™, you have real-time communication with your asset while ensuring local regulatory compliance as it moves around the globe. 

Global asset tracking

Whatever communications standard you use, you will need to transmit data via mobile networks to constantly track products that move around the world. We have 12 data centres located around the globe. These data centres allow us to provide localised connectivity via our MNO interconnect relationships. 

This provides low latency and efficient communication, as well as avoiding any regulatory issues around data sovereignty and permanent roaming. 

Global asset tracking

Reduce wastage

With access to over 700 mobile networks and intelligent network switching and connectivity fall-back options, our AnyNet+ IoT eSIM enables your sensors to transmit real-time data on areas such as location, temperature, tilt, and tamper.

Guarantee the quality of your product by triggering time-critical reactive intervention and optimise proactive monitoring for both perishable and non-perishable goods, maintaining optimum environmental conditions throughout your supply chain. 

Reduce wastage in supply chain

Product traceability

Achieve near 100% connectivity uptime and be confident that your product is fit to use or consume, reducing losses with accurate data on location and environmental conditions at each stage of your supply chain.  

Empower your customers with the ability to track their products, whether it’s monitoring a parcel’s route to a destination or tracing a food item back to its source. 

Product traceability

End-to-end IoT security

Feel confident knowing your data is secure throughout your supply chain. Our private network infrastructure ensures that data is handled securely from start to finish, no matter where your devices are in the world. 

Increase security further without any additional hardware or software with our Armis integration for device inventory, risk assessment, and threat detection and response. 

End to end IoT security in supply chain

How is IoT being adopted in the logistics sector today?

We asked 100 senior decision-makers in the UK and US to learn directly from the source. Get this free report for a closer look at the findings, including three challenges frequently concerning respondents, and research-based recommendations.

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Our Success Stories

We’re the name behind some of the world’s biggest IoT projects

We empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions.

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