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Shopping redefined:
The IoT retail advantage.

Optimise revenue and enhance the retail experience with dependable, global IoT connectivity for vending and payment solutions.

Smart Retail Experts

Transforming retail with IoT connectivity.

Boosting Your Top Line

We maximise your device uptime with a low-latency connection for real-time payment data collection and transfer.

Vending machine

Near 100% global coverage

Connect your vending machines and payment terminals in any location, including indoors, underground, or in rural areas.

Secure payment processing

We secure data transferred from your machine to the cloud with end-to-end encryption, and centralised policy management.

Smart Retail, Smart Decisions

Boost profits with reliable connectivity. 

Optimise your retail operation and boost profits. Eseye makes sure your vending and payment machines are securely connected and integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

Build once, ship globally

Simplify logistics and reduce costs with an AnyNet+ eSIM.

With near 100% global connectivity out-of-the-box from a single product SKU, you can confidently scale your business into new markets while improving inventory tracking and manufacturing efficiencies. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to seamless expansion!

Build once ship globally

Always-on connectivity

Don’t let poor connectivity hold you back from achieving your business goals.

With our Infinity IoT Platform™, you get access to the best network from a choice of over 700 mobile operators across 190+ countries. With intelligent network switching powered by Eseye, you get near 100% uptime, every time.

Make sure your machines always deliver.

Always-on IoT connectivity

Predictive maintenance

Identify potential issues before they turn into costly breakdowns or failures.

Get a clear view of how your machines are performing, their condition, and usage in real-time with high connectivity uptime and low latency from our award-winning AnyNet+ eSIM.

IoT security payments

Fill customer insight gaps

Gain valuable shopper-behaviour insights to optimise inventory management, improve security and revolutionise retail operations with our device-to-cloud IoT connectivity solutions.

Seamlessly connect and manage devices across your stores, warehouses, and production lines with Infinity, the ultimate IoT platform. Maximise data flow and drive success like never before.

Enhanced customer experience

Update your devices over-the-air.

With our low-latency OTA device communication, you can easily create a seamless and personalised shopping experience for your customers. Launch your marketing campaigns quickly and easily. And send bespoke messages to vending machines and interactive displays, all with the help of the valuable insights gathered by your IoT devices.

Bulletproof IoT

Protect your customers’ data and your well-earnt brand reputation. We secure IoT from device-to-cloud with tamper-proof SIMs, advanced certificate security, private APN, VPN safeguards, and a global network of more than 12 data centres.

Enjoy secure, localised, and fast connectivity through our MNO partnerships, eliminating regulatory and data sovereignty concerns. Deploy secure IoT devices worldwide with confidence.

IoT security as standard

Increase transaction revenue by 30%

As the world shifts away from cash and embraces digital payments, learn why IoT connectivity is critical to optimising the payments experience for all – the benefit you get is increased revenues.

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Success Stories

Our experts are behind every connection

Some of the world’s biggest companies trust Eseye with their global connectivity. Why? Our track record of delivering reliable results. First time, every time.

Costa Express case study

Barista coffee via IoT vending

Learn why Costa Express selected Eseye to power its estate of smart vending coffee machines in 17+ countries.

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Venpay Smart Vending Machine - IoT Case Study

Venpay achieves reliable connectivity across estate

Find out how Venpay keeps its vending machines continuously connected, no matter where they are located – even on the Paris underground metro!

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WeWash Smart Payment IoT POS Case Study

Helping WeWash bring 21st century laundry rooms to new markets

Discover how we help WeWash deliver digitised shared laundry services with our IoT connectivity.

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Yoco IoT POS Case Study

Accelerating payment processing revolution

Learn how Yoco improved POS transaction approval rates to 92-94% with Eseye’s support

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Driving Financial Inclusion in Africa

M-KOPA combines mobile payments and Eseye's IoT connectivity to enable people in remote parts of Africa to purchase the products they need, and power them affordably.

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Smart Retail Insights

Free IoT Device Assessment Speed up deployment with a free IoT device assessment.

Let our experts test your device for free. Receive a free SIM kit and speed up your IoT deployment with expert insights and seamless connectivity.