Venpay Smart Vending Machine - IoT Case Study
IoT Smart Vending Success

Venpay Achieves Reliable Connectivity across Vending Estate.

Find out how Venpay keeps its vending machines continuously connected, no matter where they are located.

Venpay advances the retail vending revolution   

Venpay SpA is at the forefront of a new vending world, offering telemetry and payment services to vending operators all over Europe, and an innovative mobile payment app called “coffee cApp” to consumers. 

For these services to work, the vending machines must be connected to the network. When connections fails, operators don’t receive alarms and status data which impacts on operational performance and supply chain efficiency. Moreover, customers feel unsatisfied and the brand’s reputation is damaged. 

Why Venpay chose Eseye

Advancing retail vending

Icon_Vending Machine Pay

Excellent customer experience

Venpay’s multi-functional vending machines offer user friendly interactive touch displays to provide an engaging experience and support contactless mobile payment as standard.

Icon_cost savings

Cost savings

Machines signal when they need to be resupplied or serviced, and intelligent notifications and alarms predict when maintenance will be required, resulting in less machine downtime and more sales.

Icon_Performance Data

Performance data at a glance

Streamlined sales and condition data collection, processing and forwarding enables real-time decision making based on real-time data.

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Take a deeper dive into VenPay’s IoT journey. Find out how we helped them overcome smart vending hurdles that might stall your IoT project, and see how we can help your business succeed with IoT.

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Poor connectivity can be a major problem for vending machines. Nicola Scardi at Venpay states “a reliable network connection is the core of our market proposition. We need it to enable mobile payments and retrieve real-time alarms and sales from each vending machine so we can deliver customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency.” 

With customers in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France, operating tens of thousands of vending machines, Venpay wanted the same reliable, easily deployable solution for all areas, with certainty over costs. 

Venpay turned to Eseye and our advanced AnyNet connectivity solution, which provides near 100% connectivity to devices anywhere in the world. 

With the firm foundation of Eseye’s connectivity solution, Venpay is in a great position to realise the competitive advantage that comes with digital transformation and disruption. 

Harnessing IoT with Venpay

Global IoT connectivity

Our AnyNet connectivity solution delivers near 100% connectivity to devices anywhere in the world. If a network is lagging or has no signal, the SIMs can dynamically switch to another, stronger network or a new network profile can be provisioned over-the-air. This provides total flexibility, both now and in the future as mobile network technologies, regulations and operator requirements change.

Venpay machine 4

Top tier service

“We provide a full-service solution – hardware, connectivity, service and support. To manage and sustain our business model, we need a competitive, fixed monthly fee, tailored to our application’s average data consumption,” Scardi explains. Eseye assures a top tier service for Venpay and transparency on costs with a single global connectivity bill. 

Venpay machine 2

Specialist IoT expertise

Venpay and Eseye technical teams worked together to design, configure, and test the AnyNet+ SIM for deployment in the vending machines. Scardi revealed that a “major factor in our decision to select Eseye was their knowledgeable sales and pre-sales personnel, and the prompt feedback from their commercial and technical support teams.” 

Venpay machine 3

Futureproofed solution

Venpay is always looking to expand its services, for example, integrating additional intelligent payment modules as they become available. Eseye takes a similar hardware-agnostic approach with its connectivity solution to future-proof any change in direction. The AnyNet+ SIM can be easily configured to support any new modules that Venpay add to their services. 

Venpay machine

Switching across different local operators is the major benefit and improvement we were looking for. Eseye helped us overcome the connectivity issues we had in several locations, where a single operator couldn’t provide the minimum signal required to maintain an acceptable service level to our customers and users

Nicola Scardi, Head of Marketing and Business Development

A reliable network connection sits at the heart of a smart vending market proposition. We are delighted to be Venpay’s selected connectivity partner and to have guided this IoT project since day one – it’s great to see 2800+ smart vending machines powered by Eseye in the Paris Metro

Jacques Magnuszewski, Regional Sales Director France & Southern Europe

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