Carrier network certification advisory and support services

Global cellular connectivity network operators have varying requirements for devices functioning on their network. We help you identify the certifications required, support, and guide you through the entire process.

Certification strategy

Building a robust global certification strategy

Global network carriers have a maze of device connectivity and certification requirements.

Our team has decades of experience in IoT hardware and global connectivity and will provide you with a roadmap to identify the most efficient path towards global connectivity.

USA Carrier Network Testing

Carrier network testing and proprietary certification

Some US cellular connectivity carriers, such as Verizon, have unique certification requirements prior to any device activating a SIM on their network.

Our certification advisory and support services simplify this process to allow you to reap the benefits of localising on carrier networks vs. roaming.

Advanced IoT Device Testing

IoT device testing: going beyond pass or fail

We have the expertise in-house to not only perform certification testing, but also advise you how to modify existing hardware and firmware settings to ensure compliance with network standards.

Where other companies may fail a device and move on, we stay engaged and support you through to a complete resolution.

Are your IoT devices tested and certified?
Learn why device certification is important to IoT success

Download our solution paper

IoT Guide to Device Certification

Are your IoT devices tested and certified? Poorly designed IoT devices can wreak havoc on mobile networks. Download this solution paper to learn about:

  • The problem with poorly designed IoT devices
  • Regulatory, industry, and operator certifications: how they can help all players in IoT
  • Understanding the certification challenges for IoT
  • How you can address these requirements in your IoT devices efficiently

Our services and solutions

Device Design

Our team of device design engineers are here to ensure your hardware idea makes it from proof of concept to the global market on time, on budget.

Device Onboarding

Our onboarding service tests how your device responds in adverse environments and circumstances, so you know your device is ready for anything.

Device Deployment

Our Deployment Services team takes care of the planning and SIM lifecycle management for your IoT device, leaving you to focus your business.