Eseye IoT Device Onboarding Service
IoT hardware and connectivity testing

IoT Device Onboarding

Guarantee your device is ready for deployment and get to market faster with our comprehensive device onboarding service.

IoT Device Onboarding

Ensuring your project is a success

IoT device onboarding is an absolutely critical stage in your IoT project. James Jarvis, Services Director, walks through our process and explains how we can make your IoT device robust and resilient throughout it’s lifecycle.

IoT Device Testing

Launch ready in 3… 2… 1…

Rapid IoT Device Onboarding

IoT device behavioural and resilience testing

With expertise from 14 years of deploying IoT, our team will help you ensure your device performs predictably with extensive simulations and checks.


Strategic IoT deployment advice

We go beyond individual device design, helping you to think through and plan how large-scale device deployments will look and behave in the real world.

Device certification

Comprehensive testing report and support

On completion, we provide a report recommending the device for launch or identifying risks to long-term performance. Our team will then work with you to remedy any issues and plan your deployment.

Is Your IoT Device Ready for Launch?

Our behavioural testing goes deeper than confirming the ability to connect and pass data. Our onboarding service tests how your device responds in adverse environments and circumstances, so you know your device is ready for anything when it is launched.

Preparation is everything

Connectivity testing ensures the device is adhering to network and technology best practices.

This includes simulating network outages, unexpected device disconnections and much more.

IoT Connectivity Testing - Preparing Your IoT Device

Optimising battery life

Sustaining connectivity is taxing on battery-powered devices and the optimisation of connectivity can result in tangible battery life benefits.

We closely examine how devices connect as this can have an impact on overall battery life. These tests can identify firmware or other problems that negatively impact performance and in-field connectivity.

Optimising IoT Device Battery Life - Device Onboarding Service

Simulate and resolve issues early

Much of onboarding and behavioural testing is aimed at how hardware and software perform in unison to achieve the device’s intended objective or operational outcome. However, on occasion, test results can uncover hardware design flaws that when left unresolved can result in a much bigger issue downstream.

Device Onboarding - Resilience Testing

Preparing you for launch

Once all onboarding testing is complete, we provide a report recommending the device for launch or identifying risks to long-term performance. Our team will then work with you to remedy any issues and plan your deployment.

Eseye IoT Device Deployment Support

Our Success Stories

Onboarding preparation is key

How well you prepare your devices for field use will determine how successful your IoT project will be. Our onboarding process has helped these organisations and many others achieve a successful deployment.

Yoco IoT POS Case Study

Accelerating payment processing revolution

Find out how we assisted Yoco with onboarding and preparing the Neo POS device for deployment.

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Martin Engineering IoT Case Study

Unleashing the potential of Industrial IoT

Learn why Martin Engineering chose trusted AWS Partner and IoT cellular connectivity solutions specialist Eseye to complete its IoT project.

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Fassi Gru IoT Case Study

Internet of Cranes® Provides Intelligent Control

Learn how Fassi Gru developed the IoC system with Eseye’s support.

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Alcuris Telecare Case Study

IoT connectivity advances next generation telecare

Learn how Eseye guided Alcuris throughout its telecare IoT journey.

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Powering EV charging confidence

Get to know how we helped InstaVolt test the reliability of its EV charge posts by putting them in different connectivity environments.

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Prepare your device for its lifetime in the field

Learn how our rigorous onboarding process will ensure your device connects correctly, well before you reach the critical phases of your project.

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Our Services

Accelerating solutions from ideation to market

Helping you unlock the power of IoT no matter where you are in the product development lifecycle.

Eseye IoT Device Design Service

Device Design

Bespoke IoT hardware design to ensure your idea gets to market on time and on budget.

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Eseye IoT Advisory Consultancy Services

Advisory Services

Specialist IoT consultancy to help you from device design to deployment.

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Eseye IoT Device Certification Advisory Service

Device Certification

Advice and support to ensure your IoT devices meet certification requirements.

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Eseye IoT Device Deployment Service

Deployment Services

We manage your SIM’s lifecycle, leaving you to focus your business.

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Eseye IoT Device Onboarding

Device Onboarding

Extensive IoT device testing so you know your device is ready for anything.

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Eseye Rapid IoT Prototyping Service

Rapid Prototyping

Fast-track your IoT product from concept to a working prototype in just 90 days.

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Eseye IoT Technical Support Service

Technical Support

Ensure IoT project success with dedicated support for the lifetime of your connected devices.

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