Cellular IoT Security

Securing IoT from device to cloud.

Gain visibility to understand and counter critical threats to your IoT estate. We secure IoT from device to cloud to reduce risk and maximise device uptime.

IoT Security at the Edge

Why should enterprises seek to take control of their IoT deployments?

Learn about the main security risks in IoT, including tips on how you can go about securing the environment, and extending policy, security, and compliance from the centre to the edge from Nick Earle, CEO, Eseye.

Protecting your IoT data with secure connectivity.

Reduced IoT Security Threat Detection Times

Reduced Detection Times

Real-time monitoring of device activity to identify security threats and vulnerabilities early.

Certificate-Based IoT Security

Certificate based security

Advanced certificate-based security measures help to guard against external threats.

Secure Data Transmission

Secure data transmission

Sending data via a VPN rather than via HTTP over standard internet channels reduces the risk of data being maliciously intercepted or lost.

Powerful Device-Level IoT Security

Secure your connected IoT devices from device to cloud

Deploy connected devices anywhere in the world without the constant worry about IoT device security, while maintaining a high quality of service.

Robust IoT security with private APNs

Our APNs are custom-built gateways that sit between the cellular network and the enterprise. They provide authentication of the connections, allocating IP addresses and routing the data from the device to the cloud.

This eliminates the risks associated with using a standard internet APN. Thanks to the extended and robust IT infrastructure, our private APNs have you covered worldwide.

Robust IoT security with private APNs from Eseye

Secure VPN for IoT

Our VPN connection provides an additional layer of security and control, adding security against unauthorised access or hostile viewing of your data in transit.

This is something that we recommend to all customers to ensure IoT security whilst providing global connectivity.

Agentless IoT security at the Edge

In partnership with Armis®, we can deliver the world’s first global, secure IoT connectivity solution for any IoT device on any network. Armis integrates with Eseye in the cloud for device inventory, risk assessment, and threat detection and response.

Together, this joint solution ensures organisations can deploy and access virtually any device globally with confidence.

Armis and Eseye Agentless IoT Security Solution

Ultimate cloud security with AWS

Our integration with AWS IoT Core enables AWS IoT Device Defender – a fully managed service that helps you secure your IoT devices.

Continuously monitor security metrics from devices and use AWS IoT Core to identify deviations from your defined data usage for each device. If something doesn’t look right, AWS IoT Device Defender sends out an alert so you can take action to remediate the issue.

Secure AWS Integration for IoT

Securing SIMs & IoT hardware

Ensuring your SIMs are only used in authorised devices and locations is a key consideration for any IoT deployment.

To support this, we provide International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) lock, and location lock to ensure your SIM is locked to a device and geographic area.

To reduce the risk of physical tampering with a device, we also have the option to embed a chip SIM (MFF2). This can be embedded on the printed circuit board (PCB) in the device and eliminates the risk of tampering – once soldered onto the device’s PCB it stays there.

IoT Security Embedded SIM

Time to protect your IoT

Identify vulnerabilities and take action today to secure your data and IoT estate, from device to cloud.

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Our experts are behind every connection

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