IoT AnyNet Federation

Cellular IoT. Everywhere.

Global coverage that’s actually global – with almost 100% uptime for all your devices. AnyNet brings over 700 operators together in one place, including the option of localised and roaming networks.

A Network Designed for IoT

Global coverage, 100% device uptime

Cellular networks were designed for cell phones, not for IoT devices. Coverage in remote areas can be poor, which can mean devices won’t always connect. This is why we created the AnyNet Federation, with over 700 cellular networks working together to fix the problem.

Total connectivity

This is device connectivity, solved. With AnyNet, you have just one relationship to manage – on one platform, with one rate plan and one contract. This is backed by a federation of 700 network providers, working together to standardise connectivity for IoT devices.

AnyNet Federation - Collaboration of Over 700 MNOs

One contract. One world.

AnyNet Federation gives you immediate access to over 700 networks. You benefit from instant global connectivity, without the pain of negotiating contracts with individual carriers.

Eseye AnyNet Federation Mo

Localised. Everywhere.

With AnyNet Connectivity, your devices have the widest choice of local network connections and roaming partners.

You also avoid the risks of permanent roaming – including your devices being disconnected with little or no notice.

Carrier Localisation with Eseye AnyNet and eSIM AnyNet Federation

One contract, one bill

No more logging into multiple providers. With all your connections in one place, you can instantly see if your spending is in line with your forecast, simply by logging in to our easy-to-use platform. And with just one provider, there’s just one fully itemised bill for all your connectivity.

Take control of your carrier contracts

Learn more about Infinity IoT Platform™, our single, customisable and scalable cellular network for all your global IoT deployments.

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Our IoT Connectivity Options

Built to flourish

Infinity is designed to adopt new technologies. We help you design an estate that moves effortlessly with emerging trends in IoT, from private 5G/LTE networks to satellite. So you can adapt and build your IoT estate over time.

Eseye Private 5G LTE Network Management

Private 5G/LTE Networks

Manage your private 5G or LTE networks through the Infinity IoT Platform™

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IoT Connectivity - Infinity BYOC - Bring Your Own Contract

Bring Your Own Contract

Bring your favoured MNO contracts and billing and manage them in the Infinity IoT Platform™

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IoT Connectivity - eSIM Localisation

eSIM Localisation for Global Deployments

Switch to local network profiles to comply with local regulations and data sovereignty restrictions

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Success Stories

Our experts are behind every connection

Some of the world’s biggest companies trust Eseye with their global connectivity. Why? Our track record of delivering reliable results. First time, every time.

Venpay Smart Vending Machine - IoT Case Study

Venpay Achieves Reliable Connectivity across European Vending Estate

Find out how Venpay keeps its vending machines continuously connected, no matter where they are located.

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Telli Health Telehealth IoT Case Study

How Telli Health Achieved IoT Device eUICC Certification in the US

Learn how Eseye helped Telli Health to save 94% in support costs, onboard patients 80% faster and improve unique daily data transmissions by 73%.

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Martin Engineering IoT Case Study

Unleashing the Potential of Industrial IoT

Learn why Martin Engineering chose trusted AWS Partner and IoT cellular connectivity solutions specialist Eseye to complete its IoT project.

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InstaVolt IoT EV Charging Case Study

Powering EV Charging Confidence

Discover why InstaVolt chose Eseye’s reliable, near 100% connectivity to power its UK EV fast-charge points.

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Mission control for IoT connectivity, today and tomorrow.

One global partner, one platform, one contract for 100% global connectivity with flexibility and choice.