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In the fast-paced world of IoT connectivity, standing out demands more than just providing basic services. At Eseye, we redefine IoT connectivity by placing a strong emphasis on innovation, reliability, and seamless integration from the ground up. Recognized as a key disruptor in Analysys Mason’s latest IoT connectivity disruptors case studies report, Eseye continues to lead as a disruptor, pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible with cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to delivering unbeatable IoT connectivity.

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Table from Analysys Mason’s latest IoT connectivity disruptors case studies report

At Eseye, we see IoT differently than most IoT connectivity providers. We start with the device, not the SIM. We ensure smooth deployments and minimize common hardware issues by meticulously configuring and optimizing devices from the outset. Our acclaimed Hera IoT edge routers exemplify this commitment to excellence, setting a benchmark for reliability and performance right from day one.

Eseye’s founders have a heritage in hardware, and Eseye is gradually leaning into this expertise as a differentiator. It spends considerable time in the pre-deployment phase of projects to select the correct device and then optimises the device firmware and configurations to avoid common hardware issues that disrupt IoT deployments”. – Analysys Mason, 2024.  

Revolutionizing IoT connectivity with unmatched uptime and advanced eSIM localization

What truly distinguishes Eseye in the IoT connectivity market is our ability to deliver an unparalleled connectivity service. We’re steadfast in our commitment to guarantee exceptional uptime and that’s why we sign strict service-level agreements (SLAs).

Our AnyNet Federation, spanning over 700 mobile networks globally, allows us to blend local roaming connections seamlessly, addressing localization to avoid permanent roaming issues. This unique capability ensures that our customers’ IoT devices maintain nearly 100% uptime, regardless of their location, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and data security This is possible through our , eSIM and iSIM switching capabilities. By eliminating the need for physical SIM cards, our eSIM solutions enable seamless network switching and remote subscription management. Meanwhile, our iSIM solutions embed SIM functionality directly into devices’ processors, offering unparalleled advantages in space efficiency, security, and performance.

Ultra-high availability connectivity is more difficult to achieve because it relies on network investment to create redundancy and failsafe mechanisms, and/or intelligent software on the SIM”– Analysys Mason, 2024.

Eseye’s Infinity IoT Platform™

Our award-winning IoT management platform provides our customers with streamlined SIM activation, suspension, and termination, as well as easy access to ordering and billing management. Our seamless network switching, enabled by advanced eUICC-compliant technology, ensures consistent and reliable connectivity by switching between network service providers to maintain over 99.5% device uptime globally. Additionally, our out-of-the-box IoT reporting provides real-time visibility into device connectivity status, network usage, and location data, offering deeper insights into device performance and operation, simplifying the whole process through one platform.

Enhancing IoT Success through our end-to-end IoT services

Pioneered by Eseye and inspired by NASA’s Technology Readiness Level framework, the IoT Readiness Level (IRL) Index assesses a business’s IoT maturity. This index provides insights into the technical and operational preparedness of IoT devices and projects, benchmarking them against industry best practices. By using the IRL Index, our customers can gauge their readiness to launch an IoT solution successfully.

Our extensive experience with IoT projects shows that understanding IoT readiness enhances success rates. The IRL Index helps identify gaps and areas for improvement, ensuring businesses are well-prepared for IoT implementation. This approach streamlines the launch process, optimizing performance and operational efficiency to help customers achieve their IoT goals effectively. Once our customers have completed an IRL test, we have a better understanding of where they are at in their project and what extra support they need to reach success.

Our IoT LaunchPad™ is an all-inclusive and cost-effective subscription-based services programme so customers can access support and expertise at any given pint in their IoT lifecycle. For example, help with design, integration, testing, certification or deployment. These services enable our customers to get their IoT device to market quickly.

AnyNet SMARTconnect: Powering global connectivity

AnyNet SMARTconnect™ is a versatile software solution designed to enhance IoT device connectivity across different Radio Access Technologies (RATs) such as cellular, WiFi, and more. Integrated with our Infinity IoT Connectivity Management Platform™ and supported by the AnyNet Federation, this platform ensures resilient and adaptable connectivity solutions tailored to specific application requirements.

Eseye’s AnyNet SMARTconnect software actively monitors various device constraints, selecting and optimizing networks and protocols to meet performance demands. In case of connectivity disruptions, AnyNet SMARTconnect ensures uninterrupted data flow by seamlessly switching the SIM to another network.

Delivered as an independent plug-in module, AnyNet SMARTconnect enhances device design flexibility and addresses supply chain challenges. It simplifies provisioning and management, facilitating seamless global IoT deployments.

As recognized disruptors in the IoT connectivity space, Eseye continues to lead through innovation, reliability, and comprehensive industry expertise. Whether you’re navigating IoT deployment complexities or seeking robust connectivity solutions, find out how Eseye can unlock the full potential of your IoT projects.

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Eseye author


IoT Hardware and Connectivity Specialists


Eseye brings decades of end-to-end expertise to integrate and optimise IoT connectivity delivering near 100% uptime. From idea to implementation and beyond, we deliver lasting value from IoT. Nobody does IoT better.

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