IoT Systems Integration

Why use a Systems Integrator?

Solve complex problems end to end

IoT is complicated. There’s a lot to consider beyond the connectivity and cloud integration that we can help you with.

Create the solution you want

In a diverse IoT ecosystem the ideal is being able to cherry pick the unique make up of your solution.

Reduce the burden on your team

Building a solution with all the different aspects can be challenging – leveraging additional resource can get you to market faster.

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Case Study


Haltian have helped engineer IoT solutions for a wide variety of uses cases including smart washroom facilities. They wanted to help organisations build devices that delivered real-world benefits and to do that they needed a connectivity partner they could rely on.


This case study details how they helped Lindström build a better smart washroom facility, helped Posti, the Finnish Postal Service improve their service to customers and TietoEVRY build a smart building solution – all made possible with our AnyNet+ SIMs and our AnyNet Connectivity Management Platform.


The partnership of Haltian’s expertise and our ubiquitous intelligent connectivity provided a host of benefits to each of Haltian’s customers including:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased business growth and device estate
  • Securely transmit sensitive data seamlessly
  • Reduced deployment complexities restrictions.
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