API Integrations

The IoT ecosystem. Connected.

Increase the value that IoT data delivers to your business with extensions to ecosystem partners using a combination of RestFUL and PUSH APIs. Integrate connectivity management into your broader IoT Device and Edge management systems. This is IoT without limits.

Unlock IoT value through integrations

IoT Device Visibility

Device visibility

Understand device behaviour and security risks. Ensure full visibility across your entire IoT estate.

Optimised IoT Device Performance

Optimise performance

Access data to optimise the performance and resilience of your IoT devices to ensure greater up-time.

IoT Networking

Joined up IoT

Use our SDK and APIs to rapidly integrate with 3rd party tools. Maximise the value of IoT data across your IT/OT technology stack.

Extend IoT to Anything

Integration with your IoT ecosystem

SIM & device management

Powerful SDK and APIs to automate SIM and Device lifecycle management working with 3rd party tools.

Easily manage SIM activation, suspension, and termination. View data traffic volumes using real-time alerts.

Eseye IoT SIM and Device Management

Real-time device data

Our PUSH API enables a stream of live network data from various sources to be transmitted to a web-based endpoint, allowing for easy device monitoring and network optimisation with your chosen tool or platform.

Eseye Real Time Device Data Push API

Device location visibility

Receive accurate device location data. Giving you a reliable view of your IoT estate location, understand if your devices are where they should be, and make sure they adhere to local legislative requirements.

Eseye IoT Device Location Data Push API

IoT network security

Identifying not only how much data your devices are using – but any anomalies with device behaviour is critical for identifying hacking attempts and security risks early.

Our unique technology and APIs allow you to manage policy centrally and deploy to the Edge, keeping your IoT estate secure.

Eseye IoT Security API Integration

Easy developer access

Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to access authorised core data from the Infinity platform.

A range of APIs can be used by developers to securely access customer connectivity data for ingesting into specialist device management, security and data analytics platforms.

Developer working on API code

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