Your IoT Guide

Our Deployment Services team takes care of the details relating to your IoT device deployment, leaving you to focus your business. This includes managing SIM logistics and phasing for manufacturing, SIM lifecycle management training, device estate reporting, process development and optimisation, change management and technical support guidance. Let us guide you to IoT success.

Your Trusted IoT Advisor

Dedicated deployment support

The implementation of an IoT project is complex, and it is imperative to have a dedicated Deployment Services Manager to guide you through the challenges that are sure to arise.

Seamlessly integrating into your technical, operational, and support teams, from logistics to change management, their fundamental job is to let you focus on delivering value to your business, while they focus on making the connectivity work.

Technical IoT Support

Real-time technical IoT support

Our technical IoT experts guide you throughout the entire deployment engagement to ensure your journey from pilot to full commercial deployment is successful.

We help you to avoid hiring or assigning dedicated in-house technical resources to work on technology that is not your core business.

Logistics and manufacture

Logistics and manufacturing efficiency

From SIM ordering to dispatch, having SIMs in the right place at the right time is fundamental to the success of any IoT deployment.

Our job is to support you. We can work directly with your manufacturer to develop an effective process to order and ship SIMs to meet production schedules, wherever your devices are built.

Cost-effective IoT

Operational visibility

Without specialist knowledge it can be hard to truly understand the status and efficiency of an IoT device estate. For example, you may need to understand data usage, cost management, and identify offline devices.

Count on us to proactively monitor your estate and ensure it is managed cost-effectively.

Global IoT Deployments

Brands that entrust us to manage their IoT device estates

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Support throughout the IoT journey

Your IoT journey truly begins after your devices are successfully deployed into the field. Every day we work with these brands to make sure their IoT estates run at peak performance and support them as their estates grow.

Our IoT Device Deployment Service

In this guide, we share our knowledge and expertise from 14 years of deploying IoT, to help you minimise risk and overcome challenges in the three key phases of any IoT deployment journey:

  • Pre-deployment
  • Initial commercial deployment (PoC)
  • Final deployment

Our services and solutions

Device Certification

Get advice and support with designing IoT devices that meet certification requirements and help resolve certification problems swiftly.

IoT Advisory Service

Our team of hardware engineers can help you design, prototype, and build a product that addresses your business needs, budget, and launch timeframe.

Device Onboarding

Our onboarding service tests how your device responds in adverse environments and circumstances, so you know your device is ready for anything.