IoT Deployment

Deploy and scale your IoT.

Dedicated deployment managers charged with ensuring the successful roll-out and support of your IoT estate.

Successful IoT Deployment

3 key considerations

You’d be mistaken to think deployments are as easy as putting a SIM card in and then sending your device out into the field. Look for an IoT partner that has strong logistics, SIM ordering processes and manufacturing partners. Hear about how our IoT deployment team can help you through critical deployment phases from James Jarvis, Services Director.

IoT Deployment Experts

From pilot to successful deployment.

IoT deployment

IoT deployment support

Seamlessly integrating into your technical, operational, and support teams,.

Infinity IoT - Reduce Connectivity Management Time

Low-risk proof of concept

We look to reduce device onboarding friction and demonstrate real-world results.

IoT deployment

Ongoing post-deployment support

Our deployment managers continue to help you scale your estate and ensure you achieve your business objectives.

Your IoT Guide

Our Deployment Services team takes care of the details relating to your IoT device deployment, leaving you to focus on your business. This includes managing SIM logistics and phasing for manufacturing, SIM lifecycle management training, device estate reporting, process development and optimisation, change management and technical support guidance. Let us guide you to IoT success.

Dedicated deployment support

The implementation of an IoT project is complex, and it is imperative to have a dedicated Deployment Services Manager to guide you through the challenges that are sure to arise.

Seamlessly integrating into your technical, operational, and support teams, from logistics to change management, their fundamental job is to let you focus on delivering value to your business, while they focus on making the connectivity work.

Eseye Dedicated IoT Deployment Manager

Real-time technical IoT support

Our technical IoT experts guide you throughout the entire deployment engagement to ensure your journey from pilot to full commercial deployment is successful.

We help you to avoid hiring or assigning dedicated in-house technical resources to work on technology that is not your core business.

Eseye Real-Time Technical IoT Support

Logistics and manufacturing efficiency

From SIM ordering to dispatch, having SIMs in the right place at the right time is fundamental to the success of any IoT deployment.

Our job is to support you. We can work directly with your manufacturer to develop an effective process to order and ship SIMs to meet production schedules, wherever your devices are built.

Eseye SIM Logistics and Manufacturing Support

Operational visibility

Without specialist knowledge, it can be hard to truly understand the status and efficiency of an IoT device estate. For example, you may need to understand data usage, cost management, and identify offline devices.

Count on us to proactively monitor your estate and ensure it is managed cost-effectively.

Eseye Operational IoT Visibility

Discover the secrets of IoT success

Learn why a device deployment plan can make the difference between success and failure and what logistics you need to consider when manufacturing and deploying your devices in the field.

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Success Stories

Our experts are behind every connection

Some of the world’s biggest companies trust Eseye with their global connectivity. Why? Our track record of delivering reliable results. First time, every time.

SSE Iot Utilities Case Study

Powering the Future of Smart Cities with IoT Smart Lighting

Discover how our IoT connectivity enables SSE to lead the smart city revolution.

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Shell Recharge EV Charging IoT Case Study

IoT Connectivity Powers the EV Charging Revolution.

Learn why Shell Recharge partnered with Eseye to power Europe’s largest charging network.

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Yoco IoT POS Case Study

Accelerating Payment Processing Revolution.

Learn how Yoco improved POS transaction approval rates to 92-94% with Eseye’s support

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Our Services

Accelerating solutions from idea to market

Helping you unlock the power of IoT no matter where you are in the product development lifecycle.

End-To-End IoT Services

IoT Readiness Check

Measure the maturity of your IoT device and project readiness, based on peers and best practice.

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IoT Workshops

Identify new opportunities, assess risks, or explore potential solutions in our IoT Workshop.

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IoT Launchpad™

A flexible, all-inclusive and low risk service to get your IoT device to market faster.

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Bespoke IoT Services

Eseye IoT Device Design Service

Device Design

Bespoke IoT hardware design to ensure your idea gets to market on time and on budget.

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Eseye IoT Advisory Consultancy Services

Advisory Services

Specialist IoT consultancy to help you from device design to deployment.

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Eseye IoT Device Certification Advisory Service

Certification Support

Advice and support to ensure your IoT devices meet certification requirements.

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Eseye IoT Device Deployment Service

Deployment Services

We manage your SIM’s lifecycle, leaving you to focus your business.

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Eseye IoT Device Onboarding

Device Testing & Validation

Extensive IoT device testing so you know your device is ready for anything.

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Eseye Rapid IoT Prototyping Service

Rapid Prototyping

Fast-track your IoT product from concept to a working prototype in just 90 days.

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Eseye IoT Technical Support Service

Technical Support

Ensure IoT project success with dedicated support for the lifetime of your connected devices.

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