Yoco IoT POS Case Study
Point-of-Sale IoT Success

Accelerating Payment Processing Revolution.

Learn how Yoco improved POS transaction approval rates to 92-94% with Eseye’s support

Supporting Entrepreneurs   

Yoco is a fast-growing Cape Town-based financial technology company that provides mobile card payment devices to upwards of 120,000 small business owners across South Africa. With a mission to ‘target the underserved and the underbanked through economic inclusion’, its aim is to drive the country’s economy forward by helping entrepreneurs to be successful. Yoco’s card readers are designed for SME retailers who are too small to qualify for a payment device from the established banks. They make processing online payments simple and work anywhere – from a mall to a street corner.

There are around five million entrepreneurs in South Africa, and their need for straightforward, flexible payment solutions has never been met by the big established banks. In fact, 70% of the merchants Yoco serves today had never been able to accept card payments before.

Rapid transactions are key to small retailers’ profitability and depend on payment devices being ready to go at all times. The challenge Yoco faced was how to ensure continuous connectivity to the internet without adding complexity.

For instance, standard payment machines use SIM cards designed for consumer devices, that are tied to one mobile network. This meant that while Yoco’s standalone terminal might work well in one area of the country, it might struggle to connect in a more rural location or on the bottom floor of a mall. Some suppliers mitigate this problem by providing their customers with two SIMs for their card reader, so if one is not working, they can swap over to the other. But juggling multiple SIMs was not the answer.

Why Yoco chose Eseye

Cellular connectivity accelerates payment processing revolution


Improved connectivity

Yoco’s point-of-sale card machine devices achieve near 100% uptime.

More sales

Thanks to reliable connectivity, Yoco has celebrated higher transaction approval rates of 92-94%.

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Easy setup

Yoco’s customers can enjoy card machine devices that are straightforward to operate and work instantly straight out-of-the-box.

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Take a deeper dive into Yoco’s IoT journey. Find out how we helped them overcome POS hurdles that might stall your IoT project, and see how we can help your business succeed with IoT.

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Oftentimes mobile operators will drop connections to idle devices to maximise network use. This is a real challenge for businesses with POS devices. It means they must wait for the connection to re-establish when the device is turned on.

The answer to ensuring continuous connectivity without adding complexity or cost was to use Eseye’s multi-IMSI AnyNet+ SIM, which can be loaded with multiple network user profiles. This allows the device to switch dynamically to another network on any loss of connectivity.

Harnessing IoT with Yoco

Always-on connectivity

Eseye has agreements with all the major global mobile network operators, allowing Yoco’s Neo card reader device to connect to whichever network has the best capacity at the time and in the location, it’s being used. A single SIM is inserted into each device before it’s shipped and programmed to switch automatically and seamlessly.  

Yoco card machine in use

IoT device validation

As part of the validation process, Eseye helped Yoco prepare the Neo for deployment, putting the entire solution – including hardware, modem, module, and SIM – through rigorous and thorough lab testing to make sure everything performed as expected.   

Yoco card payment machine

Thorough testing

Based on how the device would be operating post-deployment, Eseye simulated a range of normal and challenging environments to check it was connecting properly, how much data it used, and how quickly it recovered in the face of problems such as a network failure. 

Yoco colleague

IoT hardware expertise

Michael Madsen, Senior Technology Lead, said “The validation process was very thorough, which really impressed us. The guys ran through a very exhaustive list of technical checks. This highlighted some issues we were able to put right before deployment and gave us a lot of comfort and security going forward.  No other supplier has given us the same degree of technical support as Eseye.” 

Yoco card tap

The validation process was very thorough, which really impressed us. The guys ran through an exhaustive list of technical checks. This highlighted some issues we were able to put right before deployment and gave us a lot of comfort and security going forward. No other supplier has given us the same degree of technical support as Eseye

Michael Madsen, Senior Technology Lead

Here at Eseye, we’re thrilled to be working with one of the fastest growing e-POS companies in Africa. Yoco is revolutionising the payment processing landscape in South Africa, enabling SMEs to overcome hurdles, grow their businesses, and drive the economy forward

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO

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