Our policies.

We are committed to providing a high quality service across all areas of Eseye, working in an open and accountable way.

Eseye Policies

Committed to transparency and accountability

Eseye Website Terms of Use

Website terms of use

Please read and review our Terms of Use carefully before accessing or using this website. These may change from time to time.

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Eseye Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

We are committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about what information we hold.

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Eseye Cookie Policy

Cookie policy

Learn more about the cookies we use; why we use them, what data they collect and how to set your cookie preferences.

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Data protection policy

We are committed to conducting its business in accordance with all applicable Data Protection laws and regulations with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to integrating responsible and sustainable business practices across our operations, and with our customer operations.

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Eseye Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Read our General Terms and Conditions for the provision of products and services and Schedule 1 on Data Protection.

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Eseye Sourcing with Human Dignity Policy

Sourcing with Human Dignity Policy

At Eseye we strive to maintain high ethical principles and to respect human rights. We expect our suppliers to do the same.

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Eseye code of conduct

Code of Conduct

Our employees are expected to act lawfully, honestly, ethically, and in the best interests of the Company while performing duties on behalf of Eseye.

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Certifications and Memberships

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