Achieve secure, reliable, and seamless IoT connectivity.

Our Connectivity Management Platform is the engine behind our ability to achieve near 100% IoT device connectivity globally. A central platform that enables total flexibility and control over any IoT deployment, anywhere in the world.

Simplified management

Manage SIM activation, suspension and termination as well as access to ordering and billing management.

Advanced switching

eUICC compliant switching between network service providers ensures near 100% device uptime globally.

Visibility and reporting

Real-time view of device connectivity status, network usage, and location data to surface deeper device insights.

Network switching

One platform, maximum connectivity

Our advanced Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), can seamlessly switch between different service providers OTA to ensure the highest levels of availability – higher than any single MNO proprietary solution or standard connectivity solution from other MVNOs or IoT solution providers.

Simplified IoT Management

One platform, simple IoT management

Our CMP provides a robust central platform for IoT estate management. Across the SIM lifecycle, the CMP provides tools and functionality to make IoT just work.

From SIM provisioning and activation to configurable reports and alerts, and a single point of billing. Take the stress out of IoT SIM and connectivity management.

IoT Security

Secure private network

Access the world’s largest private and secure virtual mobile network. Private APN, VPNs and pre-allocated IP addresses provide complete security for your IoT deployments.

Our CMP boasts a full suite of security features, including IMEI locking and bespoke firewalls, that secures your data from the edge to cloud.

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Data integration

Connect with confidence

Seamless interoperability and integration with a wide range of enterprise applications. Connect effortlessly with Cloud service providers, and access our technology partners for IoT analytics and advanced security threat detection. Utilise a combination of RESTful APIs and customised integrations.

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Find out how improving your ability to manage your connectivity can improve your IoT project

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IoT estates managed daily with our CMP

Drive IoT Success with Innovative Technology

AnyNet+ eSIM

Reliable and secure global connectivity

Access the world’s largest private and secure virtual mobile network.

By combining advanced multi-IMSI technology and eUICC compliant OTA profile management the AnyNet+ eSIM ensures near 100% global connectivity for any IoT application.

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Intelligently connected IoT

Next-Generation eUICC

Manage the connectivity of your IoT devices by seamlessly switching default mobile network profiles over the air to improve your uptime and improve service quality.

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Remote sim provisioning

Seamless MNO switching

We have our own Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM-SR) capability to enable Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP). Through our SM-SR we allow you to unlock the full power of eUICC by using our IoT Connectivity Management Platform to customise a SIM’s profile and capabilities over the air, seamlessly.

Being able to localise a SIM to the appropriate network of choice not only improves your connectivity resilience to increase uptime, but it also future-proofs your IoT estate.

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Reliable cellular connectivity across the globe

Ensuring Venpay machines are connected in any location, including indoors, underground, or in rural areas.

Global IoT Connectivity

Switching across different local operators is the major benefit and improvement we were looking for, Eseye helped us overcome the connectivity issues we had in several locations, where a single operator couldn’t provide the minimum signal required to maintain an acceptable service level to our customers and users.

Nicola Scardi, Head of Marketing and Business Development Read Case Study
Global IoT Connectivity

IoT That Works

Get the AnyNet Advantage

Achieve your IoT project’s full potential with Eseye as your guide:

  • IoT advisory services: end-to-end IoT project consultancy from design to deployment
  • IoT connectivity: near 100% global connectivity with the AnyNet+ eSIM
  • Connectivity management platform: private, secure global connectivity with total flexibility and control
  • Global MNO partnerships: access to over 700+ networks globally covering 190 countries
  • Technology and cloud partnerships: benefit from our relationships and strengthen your IoT business case

Our services and solutions

Device Deployment

Our Deployment Services team takes care of the planning and SIM lifecycle management for your IoT device, leaving you to focus your business.

Cloud Integration

Achieve seamless interoperability and integration with a wide range of enterprise applications. Connect effortlessly with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

IoT Security

Through Private APN, VPN and bespoke firewall options we ensure your data is fully protected from device to cloud.