Infinity: Your Mission Control for IoT Connectivity

Why spend time logging in to each mobile network provider’s platform?

Simplify connectivity management with the Infinity IoT Platform™; a single screen showing all your IoT devices, putting you and your team in complete control.

  • Manage all your existing legacy SIMs, Eseye AnyNet SIMs, and emerging iSIM solutions in one platform.
  • Bring your existing preferential MNO contracts and billing, then supplement them with Eseye’s AnyNet infill.
  • Protect your IoT investments by adding private 5G/LTE networks and other wireless technologies as the market evolves.

Award-Winning IoT Platform

Demand the best for your IoT project

IoT Breakthrough Awards 2023

IoT Breakthrough Awards 2023

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ won the M2M Platform of the Year at the 2023 IoT Breakthrough Awards.

Computing Technology Product Awards 2022

Computing Technology Product Awards 2022

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ won the prestigious 'IoT Product of the Year' at the 2022 Technology Product Awards.

Kaleido Intelligence Connectivity Vendor Hub 2022

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ was recognised as a Kaleido High Flyer in the 'Connectivity Management Platform' category.

Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards 2022

The Infinity IoT Platform™ won the ‘Best IoT Security Platform (Platinum)’ award at Juniper Research's 2022 Future Digital Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards.

Eseye cuts through the complexity of the fragmented global connectivity market. The company provides customers a single IoT platform for easily deploying devices around the world, choosing, and switching providers, and implementing policies from a single pane of glass. John Gole, IDC Analyst

The AnyNet+ SIM embedded in our charge points offers the ability to network, manage and effectively switch connectivity to another provider, if needed. This ensures our chargers have high uptime wherever they are located, and our customers can simply tap, charge, and drive

Gary Kirkland, CTO