IoT Rapid Prototyping

IoT Prototyping Platform.

Fast-track your IoT product and move from concept idea to a field-deployable working prototype in just 90 days

Designing IoT Devices

How we can get you to market faster

Find out how to reduce your IoT device development time and produce a production-ready IoT solution in as little as 12 months from Eseye’s Director of Things, Jon Darley.

IoT rapid prototyping

From concept to working prototype in 90 days

Low risk, high reward

No need for expensive hardware, time on site, or extensive management buy-in. Our flexible modular approach can be rapidly adapted to meet your testing requirements.

Expert support from IoT pioneers

Our IoT rapid prototyping solution has been developed from over 10 years of IoT engineering innovation, collaborating with clients to develop, test and deploy IoT solutions in challenging environments.

Lifecycle support

Your trusted IoT partner

We go beyond prototyping, supporting you across the entire spectrum of IoT project development. And once deployed, our customer success team will support you for the lifetime of your device.

Test, Develop & Reiterate Faster

Drawing from over a decade of IoT engineering innovation and collaboration with clients around the world, we have invented a proven prototyping approach to successfully develop, test and deploy innovative IoT solutions in challenging environments.

Define, design, develop

Our Design Team will first look to understand your needs; explore technical, connectivity and regulatory requirements, and then build the prototype using a range of IoT sensors and plugins.

Once the IoT device prototype is deployed in the field, we use real data to develop your applications and analytics. Together, we use your findings to refine the device functionality and identify the data that’s essential for success.

Build new, or repurpose existing IoT devices

Whether you are building a new device or repurposing an existing product, our team of hardware engineers can help you design, prototype, and build a product that addresses your business needs, budget, and launch timeframe.

Innovation comes as standard

We will create rapid IoT hardware prototypes and advise on what sensors should be used in the device to collect the data you require. Our solution allows for:

  • Off-the-shelf interface with ability to customise onboard software architecture
  • Power monitor for inputs and outputs
  • Integrated temperature, pressure, humidity sensor
  • Modem interface with connectivity management
  • 5 interchangeable sensor/ hardware module sockets
  • Flexible software and hardware interfaces
  • Natively integrated with AWS

Kick start your IoT project

Learn how by using our Hera 300 and rapid IoT prototyping platform, we can accelerate your IoT device development time from 12 months to under 3 months!

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Our Services

Accelerating solutions from idea to market

Helping you unlock the power of IoT no matter where you are in the product development lifecycle.

End-to-End IoT Services

IoT Readiness Check

Measure the maturity of your IoT device and project readiness, based on peers and best practice.

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IoT Workshops

Identify new opportunities, assess risks, or explore potential solutions in our IoT Workshop.

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IoT Launchpad™

A flexible, all-inclusive and low risk service to get your IoT device to market faster.

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Bespoke IoT Services

Eseye IoT Device Design Service

Device Design

Bespoke IoT hardware design to ensure your idea gets to market on time and on budget.

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Eseye IoT Advisory Consultancy Services

Advisory Services

Specialist IoT consultancy to help you from device design to deployment.

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Eseye IoT Device Certification Advisory Service

Certification Support

Advice and support to ensure your IoT devices meet certification requirements.

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Eseye IoT Device Deployment Service

Deployment Services

We manage your SIM’s lifecycle, leaving you to focus your business.

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Eseye IoT Device Onboarding

Device Testing & Validation

Extensive IoT device testing so you know your device is ready for anything.

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Eseye Rapid IoT Prototyping Service

Rapid Prototyping

Fast-track your IoT product from concept to a working prototype in just 90 days.

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Eseye IoT Technical Support Service

Technical Support

Ensure IoT project success with dedicated support for the lifetime of your connected devices.

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