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Our Device Design team has designed, developed, and deployed over 200 IoT devices in just about every industry. Our experience goes well beyond the production of a device, our devices are optimised and scalable to meet the known requirements of today, and the technologies of tomorrow.

IoT Hardware and Firmware

IoT hardware and software as one

With specialist IoT hardware and firmware design resources in-house, our products are optimised for battery use, connectivity preservation, and overall performance to get the best out of your devices not just now but through the lifetime of their deployment.

IoT Connectivity Strategy

Design with connectivity in mind

Hardware design is an investment, however the ongoing costs associated with a poorly defined connectivity strategy can kill the business model of any product.

Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience building comprehensive cellular communication strategies for IoT, so you can achieve project success and reduce the long-term costs of ownership.

IoT Hardware Specialists

Innovation comes as standard

Our IoT specialists and engineers are problem solvers at heart.

With their technical know-how, they excel at taking the most complex business problems and use the power of IoT technologies and best-practice design principles for connected devices to solve them.

Designed to succeed

Trusted by global brands to deliver, everytime.

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IoT device design done right

From idea to realisation; concept to connectivity, we’ve helped organisations design their IoT devices and lay the foundation for success.

IoT Device Design Service

Learn how our device design and connectivity expertise can accelerate your project from conception to deployment with the help of our range of different solution offerings, including:

  • Rapid IoT Edge architecture development process
  • Intelligent Cloud Connect: a plug and play IoT module by Eseye and Thales
  • AnyNet+ SIM for IoT
  • IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP)
  • Hera 604 router: an embedded application edge gateway device

Our services and solutions

Device Prototyping

Fast-track your IoT product from concept to a working prototype in just 90 days with our modular HERA300 IoT device and RAPIER approach.

Device Onboarding

Our onboarding service tests how your device responds in adverse environments and circumstances, so you know your device is ready for anything.

Device Certification

Get advice and support with designing IoT devices that meet certification requirements and help resolve certification problems swiftly.