Telli Health Telehealth IoT Case Study
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How Telli Health Achieved IoT Device eUICC Certification in the US.

Learn how Eseye helped Telli Health to save 94% in support costs, onboard patients 80% faster and improve unique daily data transmissions by 73%.

Remote healthcare is a $30 billion industry, but one that often sees issues with accuracy of devices in the marketplace. Telli Health is the first to offer such a strong record of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use in its remote patient monitoring devices — at a competitive price.

Robust and reliable device connectivity is central to Telli Health’s proposition. Doctors need daily readings of blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse oximetry, weight, and temperature levels so they can quickly identify a change and send out a nurse, call a patient in, or alter medical care plans if necessary.

Data transmission failures limit the ability of healthcare providers to treat their patients effectively and could lead to serious adverse health outcomes. When a patient’s life is on the line, connectivity is paramount.

Why Telli Health chose Eseye

Reliable remote patient monitoring solutions


Ultra-reliable cellular connectivity

Outstanding out-of-the-box connectivity enabling 80% faster patient onboarding.


Tangible benefits for patients

73% improvement in unique daily data transmissions and 30mmHg reduction in both systolic and diastolic patient blood pressures.

Icon_cost savings

Considerable cost savings realised

In partnership with Eseye, Telli Health reduced its support costs by 94% and realised an overall cost savings of 35%.

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Many remote patient monitoring companies previously used Bluetooth to provide device connectivity but found it wasn’t reliable enough. Telli Health identified that cellular connectivity was the best option to provide the necessary geographical coverage and connection reliability.

Initially, Telli Health selected hardware with embedded SIMs that connected solely to the AT&T network. However, dependence on a single cellular provider didn’t offer the service uptime, coverage, and reliability they needed to meet their needs and maintain the quality level of service desired by its customers. Telli Health knew that a multi-network approach was the solution, but this raised its own challenges in terms of device network certification and roaming capabilities.

Telli Health knew it needed to eliminate the risks of relying on a single connectivity provider. By partnering with Eseye and accessing its localization and roaming partners, Telli Health can access over 700 networks globally in 191 countries. Eseye provided specialist IoT advisory and consulting services to help guide Telli Health through the complex Verizon certification process.

Harnessing IoT with Telli Health

eUICC Verizon certification

Achieving device certification to use Verizon’s eUICC connectivity was a crucial step in Telli Health’s IoT journey because Verizon offers the highest coverage in the US market. All devices connecting to its network must undergo certification. Eseye’s unrivalled device and network expertise helped Telli Health’s remote health monitoring devices to become eUICC certified.

Accuhealth-53 blood pressure monitor active

Flexible, scalable, localised connectivity

The AnyNet+ eSIM with combined eUICC and multi-IMSI capabilities can localise connectivity over the air to ensure Telli Health devices are always connected to the strongest possible network, with multiple fallback networks accessible if needed.

Telli Health Pulse Ox

Superior RPM experience

Patients using Telli Health’s reliable RPM devices can now travel anywhere in the world and be confident that highly accurate data about their health will reach their healthcare providers. Telli Health’s fast and straightforward onboarding encourages patient adoption and has significantly reduced churn.

Bioland Glucose Monitor Telli Health

From design to deployment

Through our extensive experience working with a wide range of medical device providers we have created an approach that guides healthcare companies from the planning and development of the device, infrastructure, and necessary certifications to testing, deployment and subsequent data capture.

Bioland Blood Pressure Telli Health

Verizon is America’s largest and most reliable network, so achieving certification catapults us above our competitors and ensures our patients can reliably use our RPM devices in even the most rural areas. Eseye’s technical expertise and support were invaluable to Telli Health during the device certification process. The advisory services provided by Paul Marshall and the team have ensured we are fully certified to use Verizon’s eUICC connectivity

Jeff Bartzen, Sales Executive

We have worked with Telli Health to optimize their devices so that they can be initially bootstrapped onto locally available networks and then permanently localized onto Verizon if this network is available using our new eUICC enabled eSIM capabilities

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO

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