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Everon Redefines Digital Healthcare with IoT Connectivity.

Discover how we help Everon deliver outstanding remote telecare powered by dependable cellular connectivity.

Everon leads the European telecare market 

Through significant investment in innovation over many years, Everon’s flexible, cable-free, open platform provides personalised, trusted and sustainable solutions that enhance life. Everon uniquely invests 10% of its revenue in research and development p.a. and all systems can be quickly configured to suit specific client requirements in any care setting including care homes, assisted living or at home.

Approximately 1.7 million older and vulnerable people in the UK rely on telecare alarm systems, which provide round-the-clock monitoring of their condition and environment, and will raise an alert if there’s a change that might indicate a decline so they can get help. Also, the telecare system allows the user to raise an alert if they should need some emergency assistance due to say a fall or a medical incident. Reliable connectivity is of paramount importance to Everon’s clients, and the safety of their service users.

Why Everon chose Eseye

Maximum uptime for healthcare devices

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Digital switch

Everon’s prepared to help 1.7 million telecare users make the switch from analogue to digital devices by 2025.

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Excellent experience

By working with Eseye, Everon has improved its support performance by 50% and improved customer experience.

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Future growth

Clarion, the UK’s largest housing association, selected Everon as its sole provider of digital telecare and telehealth solutions.

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The Lyra emergency call system is unique in the market as a cable free, cloud-based solution. It consists of smart sensors placed around the home – such as smoke alarms, fall detectors, and bed and door sensors – together with a stills camera and GPS watch that track vital signs and behaviours. All the sensors are smart IoT devices and are linked wirelessly to with a central hub and to each other, allowing the data collected to be shared, integrated and presented as a holistic picture of the individual’s current health and condition.

“This is a life critical service, so consistent connectivity is absolutely vital,” says Tony Walker, Everon UK’s National Sales Manager. “When an alert is generated, it needs to be sent to the operator immediately so they can respond. Our challenge was to find a partner that could support that requirement, giving users the highest levels of connectivity.”

Digital telecare solutions like Everon’s also have a vital role to play in keeping services connected through a major upcoming change to the UK’s telecoms infrastructure. By 2025, all existing analogue telephone systems – which support personal alarms and home monitoring systems, as well as landline phone services – will have been switched over to digital. This presents a major opportunity for Everon.

The TSA – the industry and advisory body for technology-enabled care in the UK – strongly supports cellular connectivity for telecare systems, and most devices have been designed to communicate through a cellular based connection using a SIM card. This approach has its drawbacks, however: cellular networks are subject to outages, and signal strength and network coverage are inconsistent across the UK.

To provide outstanding remote digital care, Everon needed a partner that would be able to overcome this challenge and offer a flexible and futureproof cellular connectivity solution. Everon first approached Eseye in 2018, and the two organisations have worked together since, with Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM embedded into each of Everon’s telecare devices.

Harnessing IoT with Everon

Access to 700+ global networks

Eseye has agreements with the world’s major MNOs, which gives Everon access to 700+ networks in 190+ countries and provides reliable connectivity coverage across the UK. The AnyNet+ SIM can be loaded with multiple network user profiles, which allows the device to switch dynamically to another cellular network on any loss of connectivity.

Everon device

Easy API integration

Eseye’s IoT connectivity management platform has APIs with all public cloud services, which allows Everon’s solutions to integrate directly with Microsoft Azure for secure data transmission and storage.

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IoT device onboarding

Everon’s telecare devices were rigorously tested by Eseye’s onboarding team prior to being deployed in the field to ensure they could adapt and recover to any connectivity changes.

Everon phone monitoring

Stellar technical support

“We have an escalation process which can deal with major connectivity issues immediately, at any time of the day or night,” explains Richard Hosier, Head of Product Development at Everon UK. “Working with Eseye 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including during public holidays, means we can provide the level of round-the-clock support that’s critically important to the people relying on our services.”

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The partnership with Eseye has become very strategic to our ongoing development. The relationship provides high levels of service delivery, as well as a support structure that will provide peace of mind to all our commissioners and users alike

Peter Kerly, UK Managing Director

Reliable, ubiquitous cellular connectivity is critical to Everon’s innovative Lyra emergency call system. With our market-leading IoT eSIM connectivity solution, we can deliver near 100% connectivity uptime to each telecare alarm device, no matter where it’s located. Eseye is delighted to provide Everon with the high-quality service and support it needs to provide outstanding remote digital care

Jeremy Wood, Account Director

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