Free your IoT project

Remove the restrictions created by poor connectivity from your IoT project. Supported by a powerful Mobile Network partner ecosystem, we can seamlessly connect your devices across 190 countries, agnostic to over 700 available global networks. Helping your IoT project achieve it’s goals.

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Global Potential

Local connectivity – global potential

True global connectivity from one provider

One SIM that works in all your devices – no matter where they are deployed.  Switch default connectivity provider to local provider to improve service and increase uptime. Maintain fallback connectivity options for total reliability. The result? Near 100% uptime for your devices no matter where they are deployed.

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Our Key Connectivity Partners

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Are you a Mobile Network Operator?

Learn about the AnyNet Federation and how you can use our switching service on your IoT projects to allow you to better support your customer’s global IoT deployments.

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