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IoT Connectivity Creates Worldwide Opportunities.

Find out why Micro Systems chose Eseye for its unified global connectivity solution.

Micro Systems’ customised electronic solutions   

Micro Systems S.R.L. is a specialist in cutting-edge embedded electronics solutions. It designs and manufactures process control and user interface boards for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) across a variety of sectors, as well as developing management software. 

One of Micro Systems’ core capabilities is the building of complete, customised IoT ecosystems that help its customers to evolve from a product-based business into a service-based business. These integrate the required connectivity hardware and software, plus a web portal and app, into a unified solution. 

The rigorous work done by the team to source and partner with best-of-breed suppliers ensures an exceptionally high-performing solution, while freeing end customers from the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

 Micro Systems launched its first IoT project in 2014 for a customer which needed a bespoke solution it couldn’t find anywhere in the market. It asked for a single, pocket-sized electronic board, which integrated a number of technologies: GPS, GSM connectivity, an M2M SIM Card, an RFID module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, and an I/O system. 

The customer had begun to sell its new system globally, which meant that Micro Systems’ solution had to be able to work anywhere in the world. Juggling multiple network operators across many different countries would be unworkable – not to mention managing the various networks and frequencies involved. 

Why Micro Systems chose Eseye

Global connectivity creates worldwide opportunities

Icons_Worldwide Connectivity

Worldwide connectivity

Eseye enables Micro Systems and its customers to operate worldwide, managing data traffic and localizing network connectivity in any market with a single device.


Increased revenue

The straightforward and cost-effective solution provided by Eseye enables Micro Systems to extend its IoT offering – a valuable differentiator – to more OEM customers.

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Simplified connectivity management

Micro Systems and its customers enjoy global IoT connectivity and simplified, customised connectivity management without the need to deal with multiple vendors and network operators.

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Micro Systems needed to find a single connectivity partner that could provide a unified global IoT SIM card – allowing for its IoT solution to work anywhere in the world. 

Micro Systems’ customers expect IoT solutions that are tailored to their specific needs: standard software or hardware products always bring compromises and limitations. Partnering with Eseye has helped the team to meet this challenge in one key area: connectivity management.  

Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM enables any device equipped with Micro Systems’ board to connect automatically to the best available network.   

Since 2014, Micro Systems and Eseye have partnered on more than five projects. These include the development of Fassi Gru’s Internet of Cranes® (IoC) – an innovative IoT system designed to provide Fassi and its users with real-time information on a customer’s fleet of cranes. 

Eseye is the partner that completes Micro Systems’ IoT offering. The global SIM Card Eseye AnyNet™ solution is used in all the electronic boards we develop to equip them with connectivity” – Tiziana Tosi, Marketing Manager, Micro Systems. 

Harnessing IoT with Micro Systems

IoT cellular connectivity

Micro Systems has access to Eseye’s global connectivity and roaming agreements with leading mobile operators covering 190 countries, granting access to more than 700+ networks. This enables an IoT device equipped with the AnyNet+ SIM to connect dynamically and seamlessly to the best available network, wherever it’s being used.   

Micro Systems device board

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Eseye’s APIs enable its Connectivity Management Platform to interoperate with 3rd party enterprise applications, such as AWS IoT Core and the Micro Systems IoT platform. APIs allow critical device data to be sent and received between Eseye’s platform and customers’ own management platforms – enabling them to extract value from their IoT data and futureproof projects.  

Micro Systems device board close up

Out-of-the-box IoT solution

Customers needn’t worry about setting up their IoT-enabled devices correctly. Micro Systems’ electronic boards are shipped with Eseye’s SIM card pre-installed – the customer simply activates and deactivates connectivity via the web portal. This makes connectivity management easy and user-friendly – even when a customer has thousands of units worldwide.  

Micro Systems colleagues

A single fixed price

Eseye offers one single global bill combining the aggregated costs of network providers across all networks. “The ability to operate on a global scale, at a fixed price, is very convenient for our customers” Tiziana Tosi, Marketing Manager, Micro Systems remarks, and eliminates the complexity of operating in multiple different countries. 

Micro Systems board in office

We couldn’t imagine a different or better solution to manage thousands of SIM cards deployed all over the world. Now we sell the connectivity as a service for our customers, and thanks to Eseye we can provide a full solution with complete management over the connectivity

Francesco Melegoni, Sales Accounts Manager

Eseye is proud to hold a trusted partnership with Micro Systems – they are a key strategic partner and have been for many years. Together our combined expertise in global connectivity and hardware design enables us to deliver a unified global IoT solution for our customers all over the world

Anand Gandhi, SVP Worldwide Sales

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