Martin Engineering IoT Case Study
Industrial IoT Success

Unleashing the Potential of Industrial IoT.

Learn why Martin Engineering chose trusted AWS Partner and IoT cellular connectivity solutions specialist Eseye to complete its IoT project.

The need for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance  

Martin Engineering is the world leader in making bulk materials handling cleaner, safer, and more productive. Renowned for its ‘problem-solved’ approach, they specialise in manufacturing conveyor accessories and flow aids to help processes run efficiently and safely.  

Founded in Illinois, USA in 1944, today the company operates across six continents, supplying world-class components such as conveyor belt cleaners, air cannons and dust control products.

Martin Engineering provides connected monitoring solutions for their products and has already deployed them in North America. The challenge of this project was to review, advise, and support the rollout of the solution to EMEAI and the rest of the world. 

Why Martin Engineering chose Eseye

Unleashing the potential of industrial IoT

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Increased sales

Martin Engineering not only expect an increase in sales, but the solution’s centralised analytics helps develop updates, and innovative new products and services.

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Ensured compliance

Eseye helped Martin Engineering to improve governance, security, and compliance with local data protection laws.

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Customer satisfaction

With the new solution in place, Martin Engineering’s mining customers can reduce safety risks, increase uptime, improve budgeting, and save time and effort.

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Three challenges were presented with this Industrial IoT project, namely:  

  1. Time-to-market: Martin Engineering wanted to quickly provide support for its solutions outside of North America.
  2. Delay: Any delay to roll out would impact the Martin Engineering brand and its promise of global operation and local availability irrespective of the location of their customers operation.
  3. Global Connectivity: Martin Engineering required a single global connectivity solution to simplify the management and onboarding of the solution when deployed with customers. 

The business challenge was to support Martin Engineering’s products in each region locally with a single product and to ensure compliance with any local data protection laws.  

Martin Engineering has no need to work with multiple carriers to achieve connectivity; Eseye is its sole cellular connectivity partner and gives the company a consistent solution and way to expand into new markets. 

Harnessing IoT with Martin Engineering

AWS expertise

Eseye’s multi-IMSI eSIM and Connectivity Management Platform technology ensured power on, zero-touch near 100% global connectivity from device to Cloud (AWS IoT) – that was both fully automated and instantly secure. 

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Localised connectivity

Enabling connectivity for IoT devices takes time and planning. Permanent roaming is not a long-term connectivity solution for IoT. Localisation is an important part of ensuring legislative and technical compliance, and ensuring devices are not at risk of being removed from the network.  

Eseye’s AnyNet solution has the capability to localise devices to mobile network operator (MNO) networks. 

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IoT device certification

The Martin Engineering team were supported by Eseye through the certification process and each device was configured, tested, and certified for deployment. Having undergone such a thorough testing process, Martin Engineering could move forward into the critical phases of production and deployment with complete confidence that the device connectivity would be reliable. 

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Rapid global expansion

Using cellular connectivity has enabled Martin Engineering to confidently enter EMEAI and North America and provided an approach for supporting other target markets easily. 

Martin Engineering has successfully deployed and tested its IoT solution in five new regions without increasing operational and support overheads. Deployments were achieved in minutes, with comprehensive testing completed within 24 hours whilst ensuring compliance with local privacy requirements. 

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Eseye enhanced the partnership with their seamless AnyNet global connectivity and effortless integration with AWS IoT

Valeria Zimenkova, Head of Sales and Marketing – EMEA&I Region

The seamless integration of Eseye’s advanced AnyNet Connectivity Platform with AWS IoT enables customers like Martin Engineering to register and manage their global IoT connectivity directly from within their AWS Cloud. The result is a single global platform for IoT that delivers near 100% device uptime

Anand Gandhi, SVP Worldwide Sales

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