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Connectivity underpins how IoT healthcare and medical devices perform. Find out why leading telehealth and telecare organisations chose us as their IoT partner for our certification and connectivity expertise.

IoT Healthcare

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Medical device design

IoT device design

We bring together over 700 networks for 100% global coverage and reliable end-to-end connection for your devices

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Global connectivity

Your device is only as good as the connectivity that powers it. With near 100% global coverage, you can expect high uptime and optimal performance right out of the box.


Certified for anything

Lean on our specialist consultants who can advise how to meet compliance and achieve regulatory, medical and network certifications.

What does the future of healthcare look like?

Reliable, secure global connectivity is the key

Patients and healthcare providers count on devices to securely transmit accurate data in real-time. Without a reliable connectivity source, devices risk being inaccurate; patients’ lives are at risk, data gaps begin to occur and changing behaviour patterns may go undetected.

Maximise uptime

Whether it’s telecare or telehealth solutions, patients want three things: accuracy, reliability and flexibility.  

Our AnyNet+ IoT eSIM has access to 700+ mobile networks across 190+ countries. For a reliable patient service. For complete network redundancy. For better health outcomes. Everywhere, everytime.  

Global deployments

IoT allows you to enter new markets and introduce healthcare solutions to more patients.   

Global deployments can be hindered by connectivity, especially if your IoT devices are relying on permanent roaming. Don’t be left disconnected – turn to our eSIM localisation solution to keep your devices working at their best. 

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Certification & testing

Healthcare devices are governed very closely and can differ from market to market. It’s essential your devices comply with medical devices regulations, not to mention privacy and cybersecurity regulations too.  

It can be a minefield. Save yourself the headache. Turn to our IoT specialists for certification and compliance support.  

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End-to-end IoT security

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your patient data is secure from device-to-cloud. Thanks to our private network infrastructure we handle the data your IoHT device transmits in a fully secure way from start to finish, wherever it is in the world. 

Increase security further without any additional hardware or software with our Armis integration for device inventory, risk assessment, and threat detection and response. 

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Our awards and recognition

Constantly raising the bar in the Telehealth and Telecare industries

MedTech Breakthrough Awards

MedTech Breakthrough Award

Eseye and Telli Health are joint winners of the “Innovation in Healthcare Wearables” category at the MedTech Breakthrough Awards 2022.

Future Digital Awards Digital Health 21

Platinum Telco Innovation Award Winner

Eseye, won the ‘Best Independent Living Solution 2021 (Platinum)’ accolade for its pioneering role in developing and powering Alcuris’ Memo Digital Telecare Solution.

Temperature check the Healthcare and Medical devices market

Learn how 100 top UK and US-based senior decision makers and implementers of IoT strategy in the healthcare sector plan to stay ahead of the curve and what trends and challenges the future holds.

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Our Success Stories

We’re the name behind some of the world’s biggest IoT projects

We empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions.

Everon Telecare - IoT Case Study

Everon redefines digital healthcare with IoT connectivity

Discover how we help Everon deliver outstanding remote telecare powered by dependable cellular connectivity.

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Telli Health Telehealth IoT Case Study

How Telli Health achieved IoT device certification in the US

Learn how Eseye helped Telli Health to save 94% in support costs, onboard patients 80% faster and improve unique daily data transmissions by 73%.

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Alcuris Telecare Case Study

IoT connectivity advances next generation telecare

Learn how Eseye guided Alcuris throughout its telecare IoT journey, from device design to deployment.

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Philips Telecare - IoT Case Study

IoT connectivity transforms home patient care

Discover how we help Philips Healthcare to confidently deploy remote patient telehealth solutions anywhere in Europe.

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