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Biofourmis™ is Revolutionising Healthcare with IoT.

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Biofourmis™ is on a mission to bring the right care to everyone, everywhere.

Biofourmis is an innovator in the healthcare industry with its wearable biosensor device Everion™ that measures vital signs and biomarkers. Built-in AI and machine learning capabilities give the solution personalised and predictive power: for instance, it can tell an individual that their condition might be deteriorating and advise them to seek medical attention. 

The ability to manage the wearer with continuous data, and assess the patient data in real-time, is critical to the effectiveness of the solution. Biofourmis encountered issues with Bluetooth connectivity blind spots that would cause their app and connected device to unexpectedly disconnect. To overcome this challenge, they set out to change from Bluetooth to cellular connectivity over 4G networks. 

The need for a continuous connectivity experience

With plans to operate on a global scale, Biofourmis identified connectivity as a major issue. The sheer multitude of networks risked creating a huge commercial and technical complexity challenge. Partnering with Eseye enabled Biofourmis to access over 700 cellular networks worldwide in 190 countries through the AnyNet Federation. Biofourmis can also localise each device to its operating territory via the embedded AnyNet+ eSIM which overcomes the issue of permanent roaming, which is prohibited in an increasing number of markets. 

Why Biofourmis chose Eseye

Consistent connectivity

With near 100% uptime, Biofourmis has the continuous connectivity service it requires to deliver fast responses and better patient outcomes.

Infinite scalability

Biofourmis has realised its global vision across multiple international markets and 160K patients have been using the platform since 2021, thanks to Eseye’s expertise and coverage.

Enhanced security

Cellular connectivity offers end-to-end encryption, while Eseye’s own VPN tunnels provide a further layer of protection.

Milan Shah, Chief Technology Officer, explains why health tech company, Biofourmis, chose to partner with Eseye.

Milan Shah, Chief Technology Officer

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IoT Healthcare Success

Expert testing service  

During the pre-production stage of the process, Biofourmis used Eseye’s device validation services to ensure that connectivity was built into the design and the Everion™ device was resilient to any network changes.

Superior localisation  

With Eseye’s embedded AnyNet+ eSIMs, Biofourmis can localise each device to the territory in which it will be operating. This allows carriers to be selected, switched, and optimised remotely on a device-by-device basis, avoiding issues with permanent roaming. 

Unstoppable connectivity  

“The coverage has been fantastic and reliable. In the countries we operate in, specifically the US and Singapore, there have been no connectivity issues. One of our priorities is to achieve the level of cellular coverage we require in our expanded global markets. Again we will look to Eseye for help, as the absolute expert in communications technology,” Shah reveals.

IoT ecosystem collaboration 

“At various points in the project cycle, we have at least five parties involved: the network provider, device provider, aggregator, the lab providing certification, and the supplier of the test equipment they use. Unless everything works together the whole IoT ecosystem will break. Eseye helped us to achieve the necessary coordination. We look forward to tapping into Eseye’s APIs in the future and integrate them into our products so that our devices can be managed centrally”, explains Shah.  

What has made our project successful is the sheer level of expertise Eseye brings to the table. It’s an excellent partnership. There are significant considerations in picking the right partner to help you from design to deployment – and every day we are very thankful for Eseye.

Milan Shah, CTO

It has been great to see that with improved connectivity we can reach more people around the globe who otherwise may not have access to this level of care. That has been one of the biggest advantages with Eseye.

Milan Shah, CTO

Biofourmis is transforming the way that healthcare is delivered around the world, resulting in easier access, highly personalised care, reduced costs, and improved patient outcomes. Fuelled by COVID-19, with hospital visits limited, remote patient monitoring has grown exponentially and, rather than revert to in-person monitoring, RPM has continued to grow post-pandemic. Now, the ultimate goal for most healthcare providers is to have connected healthcare in every home that needs it and Biofourmis is helping to make this vision a reality.

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO

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