Take IoT Global: The importance of eSIM localisation

Permanent roaming can cause serious issues for global IoT deployments. Countries are increasingly restricting IoT permanent roaming and imposing penalties. The stakes are high with data charges, significant latency issues, and the threat of disconnection with little notice.

Localising your eSIM offers the best of all worlds.

Reliable connectivity

Achieve near 100% global connectivity and ensure data is processed locally.

Meet legal requirements

Adhere to strict requirements set by operators and regulators.

Increase device uptime

Avoid permanent roaming concerns and risk of disconnection.

100% Global coverage

Achieve Global Coverage

With a single eSIM you can connect directly and automatically to the best available local network, even in the most challenging of environments.

Access more than 700 leading networks using a blend of local on-net connectivity and roaming covering 190 countries.

Reduce costs

Lowering costs

By using eSIM localisation, long-term roaming costs can be avoided, and SIM cards can be reprogrammed OTA without ever having to be physically replaced.

In addition, a single eSIM with a single stock-keeping unit can reduce costs even further by simplifying design and manufacturing, enabling greater inventory control, improved security, and deployment in any market.

Local legal restrictions

Meet Legal Requirements

Ensure your IoT devices always operate legally and adhere to strict requirements set by operators and regulators.

By programming eSIMs with local operator profiles, devices can and avoid permanent roaming issues and ensure data sovereignty.

Learn how eSIM localisation can solve your permanent roaming challenges.

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Take IoT Global

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Multiple network profiles for different regions can be stored in a single eSIM using advanced SIM technology. In addition, new local profiles can be remotely provisioned and managed securely over-the-air.

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IoT connectivity management

Advanced connectivity management

Our IoT Connectivity Management Platform enables the localisation process. Using an advanced rules engine, it determines when roaming devices should be localised, if a new network profile should be sent, and if the network should be changed to optimise the connection.

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Reduced latency

Global secure private network

Thanks to our globally distributed private network we can offer localised and secure connectivity with regional network breakouts to support resilient, low latency connectivity.

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Real World Success

Find out how others are leveraging eSIM localisation for IoT.

Why choose Eseye?

Partnership with Green Custard and Eseye made it possible for Martin Engineering to localize the solution and get it ready for fast market roll out internationally.

Mark Slack, Global Product Manager – Transformational Growth, Martin Engineering Read case study
Why choose Eseye?

Solving Permanent Roaming Challenges

This research whitepaper showcases findings from a new Kaleido Intelligence study into how eSIM localisation can solve permanent roaming challenges for IoT, including:

  • The current and projected growth of eSIM
  • eSIM customer challenges: permanent roaming, vertical applications, security
  • The need for eSIM localisation: facilitating the needs of IoT customers
  • How eSIM and localisation can future-proof IoT deployments

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