Infinity IoT Platform - Private 5G LTE Network Management

Private 5G LTE networks.

Manage all your 5G or LTE private networks in one place, for total connectivity reliability and visibility. Just plug in and play with our Infinity IoT Platform™

Private Networks

Manage all your networks in one place.

IoT Connectivity - Everytime Everywhere

Private and public

Add private 5G or LTE to your traditional public network connectivity. Infinity brings everything together in one easy-to-manage platform.

Seamless Network Switching

Seamless connectivity

Devices switch seamlessly between your private network and public networks, for total connectivity across all your locations.

Wholesale IoT Device-Level Control

Batch or device

It’s easy to manage a single device over the air, or to roll out a wholesale update for an entire estate.

Private and Public

Bring private and public networks together

It doesn’t matter if your device needs to run on private or public networks, Infinity enables you to manage both environments from one platform. In each case, we apply a consistent approach to both networks, so you always have the same optimised connectivity, visibility and control.

When to use a private 5G network

Private networks are a good choice when you need:

  • To connect many IoT devices in a small area
  • Low-latency, high-speed data transmission
  • Connectivity with no public network coverage
  • The very highest level of security
  • 100% connectivity uptime
When To Use Private 5G

From public to private to public

What happens when vehicles need private 5G at your facilities – and public connectivity on the road? What if you’ve got locations where thousands of devices need to connect?

  • Switch across public and private networks
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Complete visibility and total control
Seamless 5G network Interoperability

IoT experts on hand

At first, full interoperability between public and private networks can seem hard to achieve. That’s why we’re here to support you at every stage.

  • Support for network design and configuration
  • Access to specialist IoT engineers
  • IoT devices work straight out of the box
Eseye IoT 5G Private Network Experts

Industrial-grade eSIM – fit and forget

Our AnyNet+ IoT eSIMs and iSIMs are designed to last 10-15 years, even in extreme conditions or with regular power cycling.

  • Programme eSIMs over the air (OTA)
  • Easily change to a new private network
  • Remotely update devices in the field
Eseye AnyNet IoT eSIM

Private 5G made easy

Learn more about Infinity IoT Platform™, our single, customisable and scalable cellular network for all your global IoT deployments.

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