The Power of Intelligent IoT

Dynamic, intelligent network switching to provide near 100% connected device uptime - globally


We solve 3 big IoT challenges



Enabling the manufacture of one SKU – and delivering embedded, universal, out of the box, cellular device connectivity – globally


Device Control

Allowing unified control and supporting the rapid deployment of IoT devices – managed and maintained – through consistent, centrally defined policies


Data Analysis

Receiving real-time IoT data insights through automated data transfer, registered, secured, monitored and analysed in your cloud platform

How we simplify the complicated world of IoT

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3 Considerations to Solve the Challenges of Global IoT Connectivity
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From idea to reality

Getting you connected everywhere in the world

Our Managed Services Platform and unique AnyNet technology optimises to near 100% device connectivity across 2G, 3G or 4G cellular coverage across GSM, LTE CAT 1/NBIoT, where possible, and wherever they are deployed globally. Over-the-air updates of device-level policies ensure long-term connectivity, compliance and security at low cost.

Instant cloud connectivity means you can collect, access and analyse your data without delay. We enable rapid, future proof IoT deployment.

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Device Optimisation

One single device design within your entire IoT network.


Simple Connectivity

On-device technology automatically finds and joins local cellular networks.


Global Network Compatibility

AnyNet Secure technology works anywhere in the world


Fast Cloud Integration

Instant secure cloud access for data management and analysis


Enhanced Security

Advanced, tamper-proof, security for safer devices and data


Complete Visibility

One view of IoT infrastructure, and the data that drives it

Delivering IoT Success

Eseye are leading the way in IoT / M2M technology. We have delivered over 200 IoT projects, in the past 10 years, across our 440 global cellular partnerships. Our people have developed over 1,000 device types. We have over 1,500 customers around the globe in over 190 countries and connecting more than 1.6 million devices.

As an Advanced technology partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT, Eseye are leading collaborative projects with integrators and cellular providers alike to further develop the global M2M communication infrastructure.

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Connected over 1000 device types
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Delivered over 200 IoT device integration projects
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Global customer base connecting across 190 countries
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Over 1.6 million Eseye-enabled devices managed and connected

IoT Success Stories

Case Study

Barista Coffee via IoT Vending

The concept of ‘on-the-go’ coffee provided Costa with the opportunity to dramatically increase its brand profile and reach. Yet, as a premium brand it’s critical that the machines match the quality, service and experience delivered through barista-made coffee in store.

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Case Study

IoT Tames Gardens Globally

Positec are recognised as a leading provider of tools to the retail home improvement market, they are currently the second largest supplier globally and have 30 % market share in Europe...

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Case Study

IoT enabled delivery

Device design and high network coverage work together to ensure engineers have everything they need for customer-based projects. This low-cost and secure equipment storage solution boosts customer service.

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Our Customers

Working with Eseye’s support engineers we have been able to optimise our data protocols within our application, reducing our costs by 25% while delivering a superior solution and customer experience.

Geoff Hayllar, Philips Healthcare

Cloud Integration for Instant Insight

For successful business outcomes, you need to analyse large data sets without costly IT data storage and analytics capability. Cloud is the perfect solution. Out-of-the-box, our technology works with all the major cloud providers, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

While we don’t work exclusively with AWS, we are proud of our recognition as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, IoT competency.

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