Haltian Smart Building IoT Case Study
IoT Smart Building Success

Haltian Unlocks Massive IoT Connectivity Opportunities.

Discover why Haltian chose Eseye as its global IoT connectivity provider.

Haltian delivers leading edge IoT solutions for smart offices and buildings   

The Finnish commercial IoT solutions, product development and engineering company Haltian was formed in 2012 to help Smart Washrooms, Smart Facilities and Smart Factories operate intelligently and efficiently. 

Haltian’s relationship with Eseye began in 2016 when they identified a business need for a specific cellular IoT connectivity solution that would enable their Snowfox ‘trackerphone’ product to go-to-market. Since then, Haltian has worked on numerous connectivity projects, including IoT solutions for the Lindström Group, Finnish postal service Posti and TietoEVRY. 

Haltian’s goal was to make IoT easy for everyone, so a single, truly global IoT connectivity provider was needed to solve a series of connectivity hurdles, and guide Haltian and their clients through the complexities of deploying IoT products worldwide. 

Why Haltian chose Eseye

Unlocking IoT connectivity

Icons_Customer Experience

Enhanced experience

IoT made easy with a complete out of the box solution integrated with Eseye’s connectivity that works everytime, everywhere.


Single cost for connectivity

Forget multiple contracts for multiple markets. Haltian has simplified connectivity for its clients by choosing Eseye as its single global connectivity provider.

Icons_Optimise Services

Optimising services

Real-time monitoring and insights from sophisticated sensors can be used to optimise services and operations for Haltian’s clients.

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Before proceeding with a cellular connectivity provider, Haltian sought reassurance on a series of connectivity challenges and business risks. Namely: 

Speaking of their needs, Haltian said: “We needed a cellular communications partner that could help us deploy the device and service anywhere in the world without needing to dive deep into operators fights and network range”. 

Haltian intended to put their customer’s needs at the heart of the hardware and device design – “We wanted to offer our clients a reliable and interoperable service without the worry of choosing an operator and the technical part of setting up and configuring the device”. 

Haltian leveraged the benefits offered by Eseye’s single global IoT platform for a range of their IoT clients. The IoT device platform solution enables the safe, scalable, and cost-effective implementation of millions of IoT devices. More recent innovative joint IoT projects with Eseye include the Lindström Group, Posti and TietoEVRY. 

Harnessing IoT with Haltian

Global connectivity offering

Haltian was impressed by Eseye’s global offering and unique eUICC and multi-profile IMSI solution, whereby SIMs maintain close to 100% connectivity levels by automatically switching IMSI profiles to avoid connection loss. This substantially improves service availability and reduces costs arising from multiple MNO contract arrangements. 

Haltian Smart Cities

Experienced IoT guide

Eseye guided Haltian through the complexities of IoT connectivity. Rather than dealing with multiple connectivity providers in each market to achieve the global coverage required, Haltian minimised its effort and chose Eseye as its single global network provider. 

Easy scalability

Eseye’s single SIM and SKU empowers Haltian and its clients to scale their device estates across multiple markets and regions with ease. They can rest easy knowing they have a centralised global solution that enables devices to be deployed anywhere in the world.  

Haltian happy colleagues

1 price, 1 contract, 1 invoice

With a single invoice, single support interface and single pane of glass management, Haltian and its clients can focus on growing while Eseye keeps them intelligently connected. 

Haltian How We Did It image

It’s easy to manage all the cellular connectivity of our devices worldwide with a centralised solution, which in turn eliminates time spent looking for a suitable local connectivity provider, reduces costs due to economies of scale, and offers an easy to use management platform for Haltian

Pasi Leipälä, CEO

IoT has the potential to disrupt and create real competitive advantage. It’s amazing to see how together Haltian and Eseye have helped companies like the Lindström Group, Posti and TietoEVRY to create new customer experiences, simplify reliable connectivity and enable businesses to transform and flourish

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO

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