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Intelligently Connected Living Walls.

Find out why Biotecture chose Eseye as its IoT connectivity partner.

Biotecture takes a natural approach to IoT  

Biotecture deploys breath-taking green infrastructure installations around the world. Living walls and gardens are increasingly found in many urban environments, providing a dramatic effect, but also literally putting an organisation’s brand and reputation on show.  

Living wall implementations can reach upwards of 1700m2, such as the vertical gardens implemented at the VEOLIA Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility, providing the area with a vertical forest on the side of the state-of-the-art facility. 

Why Biotecture chose Eseye

Letting IoT bloom


IoT keeps flowers in bloom

Using IoT sensors, Biotecture can ensure optimum irrigation, regular maintenance and complete after-care for the long-term health of its customers’ green infrastructures.

Icon_monitoring data

Remote monitoring data

The ability to identify a problem before reaching the site helps maintenance teams to obtain site permissions and schedule necessary equipment, such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers.


Increasing biodiversity

Installing living walls in urban areas increases biodiversity, air quality, and improves acoustic levels. Plants boost productivity and reduce stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate too!

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Biotecture needed to find a partner who could offer the most resilient IoT connectivity available, so it could enter new markets with ease and optimise its operations.

Eseye’s IoT capability enables real-time, remote monitoring to Biotecture maintenance teams, ensuring that these living installations always look their best.  

Harnessing IoT with Biotecture

Connectivity everywhere, everytime

“The global connectivity capabilities of Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM, combined with the seamless integration into the AWS Cloud platform enables us to quickly troubleshoot issues that are typical when going onto a live site for the first time. For example, when we enter a project, we have no knowledge of the available local mobile networks, or their signal strength”, Stephen Blamire, Director, Biotecture. 

Regal House, Covent Garden

Easy SIM installation

As soon as plants are on the wall, the irrigation will get wired up and our AnyNet+ SIM card is issued. The SIM is inserted into the GSM module of the irrigation controller and Biotecture receive a unique unit code so they can connect remotely. Alerts are sent every night detailing daily water usage, as well as highlighting any possible issues or faults. 

Biotecture flowers

Real-time data

“Remote monitoring provides the support team with real-time information. Using valuable insight, through real-time notifications, enables us to collaborate with client’s site to drive more proactive intervention, which means that all our living walls look their absolute best,” says Matt Lindsay, Managing Operations Support, Biotecture. 

Biotecture_eseye_dubai 1

A global IoT partner

Biotecture’s order book increases on a global basis for ‘living walls’ and green infrastructure, they rely on our partnership and provision of near 100% connectivity in their irrigation controllers to guarantee their installations continue to flourish. 

Biotecture_Eseye_Trondheim 01

We dispatch units around the globe, so it’s vital that no matter where in the world we are working, connectivity will not let us down and our walls can thrive. Without this diagnostic capability we’re completely exposed on a live site, leaving us open to vulnerabilities, such as being unable to identify a leak. It could not only damage our reputation but also result in lost business

Stephen Blamire, Director

Eseye-enabled Heron irrigation controllers monitor flowrate and provide a highly accurate measure of how each irrigation zone is performing. Early detection of irregularities allows Biotecture to provide its customers with the very best service and tackle problems fast. Eseye is delighted to be providing connectivity to Biotecture that supports both the plants and business growth

Paul Marshall, Co-Founder and CCO

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