VDS IoT Telematics Case Study
IoT Asset Tracking Success

Next Level Race Tracking.

Discover how we helped VDS Racing to up its tracking game with our reliable, global IoT connectivity.

VDS Racing solution delivers real-time info and improves safety   

Race tracking solutions enable sporting event organisers to deliver real time race statistics to eager sports fans. They also play an important role in race safety and security. Knowing the location of competitors, how they are performing, and if they are in trouble is critical for high-speed races, particularly over open and rough terrain. 

Tracking rally car races was notoriously difficult and very expensive until VDS Technology(VDS) introduced a more cost-effective solution called VDS Racing. Following significant growth, the company is now recognised as a leading supplier of race tracking solutions. With a vision for global expansion, in this highly competitive market, the company recognised the need to update their existing IT systems and trackers to reduce costs. 

VDS embarked on a journey to create an intelligent race tracking solution and engaged a specialist developer in tracking applications. They also sourced new tracking devices from all over the world, but the suppliers didn’t provide SIM cards. With global expansion in mind, they needed SIMs that could be easily deployed in multiple locations as far apart as France to Guadeloupe. 


Why VDS Racing chose Eseye

Global race car tracking

Icons_Safety First

Safety first

Throughout the race, riders are closely monitored and kept safe with real-time geolocation tracking.

Icons_Smashes Boundaries

Smashing boundaries

The VDS Racing devices make it easy to track races across physical borders and into remote areas.

Icons_Global Tracking

#1 global tracking

With access to ubiquitous connectivity, VDS Racing can take its solution to races anywhere on the planet.

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The core challenge for VDS Racing was to create a comprehensive turnkey race tracking solution that would work and connect seamlessly on a global scale, no matter which country was hosting the race. 

Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM and connectivity service ensures that rally car racing competitors can be easily geolocated wherever their racing track takes them. 


Harnessing IoT with VDS Racing

1 SIM, multiple networks

The AnyNet+ SIM is the global IoT connectivity solution VDS Racing needed. A single SIM houses multiple networks and offers near 100% global connectivity, perfect for asset tracking solutions that regularly cross physical and geographical borders. 

VDS Racing car

Single SKU

Global expansion is made easy for VDS with a single product SKU. Our AnyNet+ SIM is embedded into each race tracking device and connects straight out-of-the-box – simplifying the logistics of VDS Racing’s IoT deployment.  

VDS Racing car 4

Secure data capture

In high-speed races, safety and security are paramount. The VDS solution provides race timing information instantly and every tracker contains an emergency call button, which can be activated from the geolocation software using our AnyNet+ SIM.   

VDS Racing car 3

From land to sea

Powered by global connectivity, VDS Racing has recognised the opportunity to scale its solution from racetracks  to extreme water sports. 

Ballet says, “We are now deploying our solution and Eseye-enabled trackers in a range of sports including power boat racing, cycling in Morocco, kite and wind surfing as well as catamaran races in the Caribbean.” 

VDS Racing car 2

Races cross physical borders, but also into areas with challenging cellular network coverage, which could make it more difficult to track races. With the new devices VDS Racing was used in a rally car race across Northern Africa and easily tracked competitors across wide open expanses and different countries. Eseye’s AnyNet Secure SIM and connectivity service offers automatic network switching to guarantee high levels of connectivity, which is perfect for our customers’ needs

Jerome Ballet, CEO

Security, in any kind of race, has always been a challenge. VDS Racing brings it to another level with their trackers and Eseye unique technology. We’re excited to work with a company who shares our philosophy that IoT has no limits

Jacques Magnuszewski, Regional Sales Director France & Southern Europe

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