Asset tracking success

t42 Guarantees Consistent Connectivity on the Move

Learn how Eseye powers t42’s asset tracking Helios devices with almost 100% connectivity and provides centralised connectivity management with the Infinity IoT Platform™.

About t42

Israeli-based t42 specialises in wireless systems that allow the remote GPS tracking, monitoring and protection of a variety of assets – mobile and fixed – from anywhere, at any time.

When cellular IoT blocks coverage gaps block growth

t42’s previous connectivity provider’s coverage gaps were a major barrier to scaling IoT deployments internationally. They lacked the capability to provide the reliable and comprehensive cellular coverage the company required to expand its footprint and support global customers, in particular those in the valuable US market.

“Our previous connectivity partner was mainly focused on roaming, which was costly for customers and carried the risk of connection dropping. They also had no localisation solution to overcome the permanent roaming ban for IoT that a lot of countries are enforcing.” Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Marketing, t42

Why t42 chose Eseye

Unparalleled scalability

Proven ability to support international customer projects with scalable, centralised management platform.

Global coverage

Multi-IMSI eSIM capability providing access to more than 700 networks in over 190 countries.

Reliable connectivity

Devices instantly connect to the best and most available network with intelligent eUICC switching.

Providing robust global IoT for Helios GPS devices

On meeting the Eseye team, t42 recognised that Eseye’s multi-IMSI AnyNet+ eSIM had the potential to meet its customers’ unique and exacting demands. It requested a trial to test the SIMs within its devices.

Partnering with Eseye enables t42 to provide robust global IoT connectivity for its devices, which are typically installed in vehicles, shipping containers and other units that are often on the move. t42’s devices are guaranteed connectivity uptime of almost 100% – the AnyNet+ eSIM can switch immediately and seamlessly to another network if connectivity happens to be interrupted.

To date, t42 has scaled its IoT estate from zero to 2,500 devices in 12 months, keeping vehicles and their owners in multiple markets well-informed and safe. The two partners are now shifting their focus towards supply chain IoT, with a long-term vision to incorporate tracking and monitoring capabilities into every shipping container across the globe.

At t42, we specialise in cutting-edge, real time remote tracking solutions for vehicles, assets, and containers. Our devices are always on the move, so we require connectivity that’s both fast and reliable. That’s why we’ve partnered with Eseye, whose suite of IoT connectivity solutions is unrivalled in the industry.

Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Marketing

We sent sample devices to customers to trial in the field, and Eseye provided support to make sure everything was working. Eseye’s reliable and stable connectivity service, and enhanced capability with localisation, made the difference.

Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Marketing

Thanks to Eseye’s AnyNet Federation – the largest mobile network partner ecosystem – we’re guaranteed uninterrupted uptime. Plus, the AnyNet+ SIM provides unparalleled connectivity resilience. And with Eseye’s high-speed MPLS network, our data is always secure and encrypted.

Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Marketing

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Take a deep dive into t42's IoT journey. Find out how we helped them overcome connectivity challenges that might stall your IoT project, and see how we can help your business succeed with IoT.

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IoT asset tracking success

Eseye IoT Device Validation Services

The t42 team also took advantage of Eseye’s IoT Device Validation services. This made sure the Helios devices were compatible with Eseye’s unique AnyNet+ eSIM technology and back-office systems, and with the eUICC software which enables users to change network provider without physically swapping a SIM card.

Flexible localised connectivity on the go

Through its AnyNet Federation alliance, Eseye has agreements with every major mobile network operator in the world. Each SIM can be loaded with multiple network user profiles, allowing t42 the flexibility to localise each device based on geography, as well as to switch providers to take advantage of better data rates, while overcoming permanent roaming challenges.

Infinity IoT Platform™

t42 has centralised visibility and control over connection and device status across its entire deployment through Eseye’s Infinity platform. It was crucial that t42 – and its customers could continue to use its Control Centre platform to manage the devices and assets being tracked. Eseye’s APIs allow the two platforms to be flawlessly integrated.

Significant global business wins

Zero Motorcycles manufactures cutting-edge EV motorcycles that it ships worldwide. Zero integrates the Helios system into its SRF Motorcycle to track location, speed, battery status, and safety warnings. High-performing IoT connectivity was a non-negotiable. t42 and Eseye plan to continue their partnership and focus on international supply chain projects.

We’re thrilled to have Eseye as our strategic partner and look forward to growing our business together. With Eseye by our side, we’re confident we can scale our operations and meet the needs of our customers with ease.

Maxim Perry, VP Sales & Marketing

Worldwide coverage and localisation when needed was crucial for t42, not only to comply with local legislations but to ensure it provide state-of-the-art services to its customers. By choosing Eseye, t42 has solved its worldwide connectivity challenges and can concentrate on its global expansion plans.

Anand Gandhi, SVP Worldwide Sales

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