Aircraft Tracking IoT Success

Cellular Connectivity Advances Flight Data Monitoring Technology.

Learn why Spidertracks chose Eseye’s cellular connectivity to enhance its flight monitoring solution.

Spidertracks’ high-definition aviation tracking   

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Spidertracks is the leading provider of satellite aircraft tracking, fleet management and communication solutions for thousands of private and light commercial aircraft across the world.  

Safety lies at the heart of Spidertracks’ guiding mission to enable fixed and rotary-wing operators to always locate their aircraft. Spidertracks equipment serves small commercial and private aircraft operators in more than 130 countries and is used in a variety of challenging environments from performing wildlife inspection operations in Africa’s plains, to search and rescue missions in mountainous terrain, all the way through to fighting rampant forest fires in the US. 

Spidertracks sought to address the hardware and data monitoring challenges they knew the industry faced. Downloading the data from a flight requires the user to keep SD cards handy and cables on stand-by, which is not always easy with the average size of a cockpit, nor a good use of time waiting for data to download.  

The same barriers exist today in-flight data monitoring that existed in tracking when we started. The boxes are $20,000 and it’s a 30 hour install. Even the higher end operators that we speak to can’t justify rolling that out across their fleet. Putting the hardware into the aircraft can be a significant cost – not just the purchase price, but the installation”, Spidertracks COO, Steven Whitaker says. 

Why Spidertracks chose Eseye

Flight data monitoring technology

Icons_Plug n play

Plug ‘n’ play design

With Eseye’s SIM embedded into the Spider X, Spidertracks can fast-track implementation to the field with devices that connect straight out-of-the-box.

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Real-time reporting

The Spider X provides real-time reporting and GPS location tracking that geolocates search and rescue crews to improve incident response times.

Icons_Aviation Safety

Advancing aviation safety

Cellular data is significantly more cost-effective than satellite, meaning Spidertracks can collect vast amounts of data which can be used to inform proactive safety measures and training.

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Spidertracks wanted to offer a cost-effective virtual flight data monitoring solution that any aircraft operator could use, from light aircraft operators to the largest aviation-based tourism companies in the world.  

Spidertracks had a vision to overcome these challenges and promote the widespread adoption of flight data insights to drive higher levels of safety.  

The Spider X idea was born: a simple, affordable plug-and-play solution delivering rich, actionable insights on where aircraft were and when, and most importantly how they were being operated and flown. 

In addition to satellite communications (SATCOM), Spidertracks had decided to use cellular connectivity and knew it was critical to find the right provider – a previous supplier had failed to deliver adequate technical support. They wanted a partner who would be a good cultural fit for their business, offering support every step of the way throughout their IoT journey. With a recommendation from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Spidertracks approached Eseye to fill that role. 

Harnessing IoT with Spidertracks

Powerful connectivity technology

Spidertracks chose to adopt Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM for the Spider X which offers near 100% global connectivity and uptime by switching between multiple networks, called IMSIs. If a helicopter flies out of range of one mobile network operator’s coverage, the SIM will automatically steer onto another network with better availability. 

Spidertracks Maverick Helicopters-4

Eseye and AWS partnership

Eseye is a proud AWS Strategic Partner and Advanced Technology Partner. Our AnyNet Secure for AWS Solution enables enterprises to harness the power of our intelligent global connectivity and seamlessly provision the data from their devices to AWS IoT Core. This enables fast, simple, and secure IoT deployment on a global scale. 

Spidertracks helicopter water spray

Secure data provisioning

The Spider X virtual flight data recorder system uses an adaptive sampling algorithm to provide a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track. The data is automatically uploaded to the AWS IoT Core via Eseye’s private APN and is securely provisioned from device to cloud where aircraft operators can review their flights in 3D.   

Spidertracks cockpit

A single SKU for global deployments

Each Spider X has a AnyNet+ SIM embedded within the hardware, creating a frictionless zero-touch experience for the end-user who can get the device up and running in under five minutes. A single product SKU makes it incredibly convenient and easy for Spidertracks to deploy to their customers, wherever they might be in the world. 

Spidertracks Maverick Helicopters-3

We chose Eseye to help us on this mission because we wanted a connectivity solution which complimented our ‘plug and play’ ethos with no intervention needed, as traditional flight data monitoring systems have been complex to setup and install. Eseye were incredibly easy to work with and were with us every step of the way from initial designs right through to deployment and ongoing technical support

Steven Whitaker, COO

By utilising Eseye’s reliable, ubiquitous cellular connectivity solution, Spidertracks can transmit flight data seamlessly and cost-effectively into AWS to enable analysis within minutes of landing. We’re proud to be part of this innovative approach to promote safer flying

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO

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