Eseye Infinity IoT Device Management
IoT Device Management

IoT management made easy.

You can only manage what you can see. And you can’t easily see your IoT estate in real-time if you have to log into operator platform after operator platform. The answer: manage all your devices in one place with the Infinity IoT Platform™

IoT Device Management Platform

Real-time management for all your IoT devices.

Central IoT Device Database

Log every device

Infinity’s device management component captures the model details, capabilities, and connectivity requirements of every device.

Eseye Easy IoT Device Updates

Easy device updates

Make remote changes to an entire batch or a single device, saving you time and effort.

Eseye 1-Click IoT Device Provisioning

Quick provisioning

Click to specify SIM software, settings, and security requirements – then set alerts and spend thresholds.

Simple Device Management

Spend less time managing IoT devices

Provision and manage the connectivity of your devices with Infinity IoT device management. Gather real-time information about each device’s capabilities and connectivity requirements. Then use it to enrich your data, using third-party device management applications.

Data-driven IoT management

Infinity is all you need to manage IoT connectivity and make changes in real-time. Pull all your connectivity and device data together in one place, then manage every IoT device from a single view.

Eseye Data Driven IoT Management

Your central register of IoT devices

Infinity records all your essential IoT device data in one place.

When you need to make a change, it will automatically update the entire platform – this saves time and makes sure the system always applies the right settings for every device.

Infinity Platform - Centralised IoT Device Register

Every SIM, provisioned

Configure and manage any SIM, from firmware to bootstrap, to recovery logic.

Infinity IoT Platform™ also gives you over-the-air (OTA) activation, as well as integrating with third-party applications used to add value.

Eseye IoT Device Provisioning

Real-time data for IoT devices

Bring up-to-the-minute device location, operating constraints, usage and billing data to your management decisions. Then dive into operational performance data as well, including security, compliance and service levels.

Eseye Real-Time IoT Device Enrichment Data

Discover the power of IoT Device Management

Learn more about Infinity IoT Platform™, our single, customisable and scalable cellular network for all your global IoT deployments.

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Success Stories

Our experts are behind every connection

Some of the world’s biggest companies trust Eseye with their global connectivity. Why? Our track record of delivering reliable results. First time, every time.

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Powering the Future of Smart Cities with IoT Smart Lighting

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Everon Redefines Digital Healthcare with IoT Connectivity

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Powering EV Charging Confidence

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