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SSE drives forward UK smart city scheme    

Mayflower Smart Control, part of SSE Enterprise Contracting, provides a 21st-century green solution for the management of highway lighting and illuminated equipment.  

In addition to targeted maintenance, accurate electricity metering and dimming of individual or groups of lights, Mayflower Smart Control’s connected devices offer numerous other opportunities for Smart City applications. These include environment and weather monitoring, assisting in refuse collection, parking, road surface temperature sensing and beacon and traffic counting. 

Mayflower Smart Control’s market-leading products combine LED replacement with a Central Management System (CMS) installation to reduce CO2 emissions, energy and cost spends for Local Authorities in the UK and Ireland. 

The Local Authorities control streetlights remotely from a web-based user interface where messages travel from the back-office application, via a cellular GSM connection, to a gateway unit (referred to as a Sub Master). The Sub Master utilises ZigBee connectivity to deliver messages to around 500 individual lights. This process is reversed to report important data back to the customer and their field maintenance teams.  

After running restricted operations with a single local network SIM card across its connected product range, Mayflower Smart Control identified the need and advantages that a centrally controlled and monitored system for public lighting installations would bring. 

Why Mayflower Smart Control, part of SSE Enterprise, chose Eseye

Powering smart cities with IoT

Icon_Easy setup

Enhanced visibility

One pane of management provides complete visibility and flexible control over the entire estate of 400,000+ units in the UK.

Icon_Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Sensors monitor faults around the clock, examine energy consumption, and eliminate the need for ‘night scouting’ to find non-working streetlights.

Icon_Reduced co2 emissions

Green solution

Accurately measures electricity consumption and uses performance insights to predict energy consumption and ensure maximum efficiency of the lighting system.

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It was essential to Mayflower Smart Control’s proposition to find a cellular connectivity provider that could offer global coverage, a centralised network, and easy deployment.   

With Eseye’s ubiquitous connectivity, Mayflower was confident it had the reliable infrastructure it needed to realise its vision and scale its smart lighting solution across the UK. 

Harnessing IoT with Mayflower Smart Control

1 SIM: multi networks

The AnyNet+ SIM card is programmable and comes pre-loaded with ten IMSI profiles, enabling reliable connectivity from multiple networks. Secure zero-touch provisioning is made possible by sending more networks over-the-air to the SIM. 

SSE- 1

Centralised management

By using Eseye’s IoT connectivity management platform, Mayflower can remotely monitor its devices and view metrics from each individual lighting unit or aggregated for the entire estate. They have detailed information at their fingertips on device performance, data sessions, and events, which can all be used to control costs and improve operations.

SSE- 2

A single connectivity bill

Multiple contracts and multiple connectivity bills are a thing of the past.

With Eseye, Mayflower Smart Control gets a single price, contract, and bill for its whole estate. IoT deployments made easy. 

SSE- 3

We are very pleased that our integration with Eseye has been so fruitful. We are happy to be able to offer a highly reliable solution, thanks to the connectivity. This connectivity allows us to become a truly international player in the connected street lighting field and Smart City Applications

Patrick Mitchell, Managing Director

We are proud to work with SSE on Mayflower Smart Control – a company that is at the forefront of the Smart City movement and understands the importance of secure and reliable connectivity

Ian Marsden, Co-Founder and CTO

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