Eseye IoT Subscription and services management
IoT Subscription Management

Easy plan management.

Track and manage all network operator subscriptions and device service plans, including portfolios, packages and contracts quickly and efficiently.

IoT Service Management

Manage IoT device plans in one place.

Controlling IoT Device Cost

Service plan visibility

See precisely what is being spent by which operator, right down to individual devices.

Subscription Management - Cost Controls

Optimise service plans

Monitor SLAs with network providers and ensure your billing costs are staying under control and within pre-set limits.

Eseye Single IoT Estate View

A single view of your IoT estate

See all of your services subscribed with network providers in one place, regardless of technologies and protocols.

IoT Subscriptions, Managed.

Control IoT spending in one place

Gain complete visibility and control over your IoT services, subscriptions and associated rate plans. A single view and real-time reporting make it easy to monitor and enforce SLAs, putting you in complete control of IoT.

Subscription management

Key features include:

  • Track technologies & protocols (e.g. LTE, NB-IoT, CAT-M)
  • Service provider options & contracts
  • Monitor portfolios & packages
  • Billing management – including alerts
  • Optimise Pricing
Infinity IoT Platform - Subscription Management

SLA management

Key features include:

  • Service Level (SLA)
  • Order Management & Provisioning
  • Fault & Performance Management
  • Trouble Management
  • Billing Management
Infinity IoT Platform - SLA management

Real-time reporting

Have the right data when and where you need it.

Real-time data and alerts enable you to manage service faults, billing and Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance, which includes having visibility of availability, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and other metrics.

Infinity IoT Platform - Real-Time Reporting

Mission control for IoT connectivity, today and tomorrow.

One global partner, one platform, one contract for 100% global connectivity with flexibility and choice.