Infinity IoT Platform - Reporting and Management
IoT Reporting & Analytics

Smarter IoT Decision Making.

Make more informed decisions about IoT device connectivity and performance. Visualise information and generate concise reports or feed data directly into 3rd party reporting or analytics tools.

Connectivity visibility and control

Make data-driven IoT decisions.

Out-Of-The-Box IoT Reporting

Ready to go Reports

Infinity provides you with out of the box Device Status, Network Optimisation and Subscription management reports.

Real-Time IoT Data

Real-time information

Use real-time data for timely decision making for setting thresholds, alerts, understanding usage patterns and measuring SLAs.

Easy IoT Data API Integration

Easy integration

Core reporting data can be pushed into your choice of reporting and analytical tools via APIs.

Reporting, Analytics & AI

Making Well Informed Decisions

Infinity’s Reporting and Analytics provides you with pre-defined out-of-the-box reports and data so your customers and partners can manage and optimise device connectivity based on the latest information from your IoT estate.

Get started with IoT reporting

As standard, Infinity comes with pre-configured reports and visualisations tools are available for:

  • Device management
  • Connectivity and network optimisation
  • Security and policy
  • Subscription management
Standard Infinity IoT Reports

Optimising your estate

Real-time data feeds are essential for setting device thresholds, alerts and data usage limits, as well as identifying pricing, availability, performance and SLA failings.

Infinity uses AI to predict issues, and rectify them automatically to optimise connectivity.

Infinity Real-time IoT Connectivity Alerts Data Usage Limits

IoT reporting your way

No two IoT estates are identical. Because of this, we give you what you need to build operational and strategic reports with the tools that make the most sense for you.

With third-party integrations and data lake available in the Infinity IoT Platform™, you can shape your connectivity and deployment strategies to meet your specific needs and get the most from your IoT investment.

Infinity - IoT Connectivity Reporting Your Way

Visualise your IoT estate in a new way

Learn more about Infinity IoT Platform™, our single, customisable and scalable cellular network for all your global IoT deployments.

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