IoT Asset Tracking Success

IoT Innovation Secures Valuable Parcel Distribution.

Find out how we optimised BT Final Mile’s UK network of intelligent lockers with near 100% cellular connectivity.

BT improves service and reduces final mile network costs with IoT 

BT runs a large smart locker delivery service up and down the UK. This integrated distribution service ensures that engineers are closer to the parts they need – BT upholds a promise to cut carbon emissions and time spent on the road by ensuring lockers are within a 15-minute drive. 

The acceleration of online shopping has seen an explosion of parcel distribution companies in the UK. A challenge for many in this growing sector is how to deliver parcels securely, cost effectively and in a timely manner.  

The founders of BT Final Mile recognised that with between 20 – 60% of parcels failing to be delivered this not only impacted every link in the distribution chain, but also the environment.

Why BT chose Eseye

Maximum uptime for a network of intelligent lockers

Less time on the road

BT's engineers spend less time searching for parts and more time resolving problems for their customers now that thousands of smart lockers and boxes are located across more than 1,900 sites

A green solution

By ensuring engineers spend less time travelling, BT has reduced its carbon footprint, and its boxes are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life

Robust hardware

As this IoT device can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C, it is extremely versatile and resilient to any environment it is deployed

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BT Final Mile recognised the need for a physical lock with built-in security from the start. Locks on the market could use modern rotating keys, but they meant drivers had to physically carry keys, which introduced security risks.  

The company needed a digital locking mechanism for one-time use, but this then presented the challenge of how to deliver new codes to both the users and the box. 

The BT Final Mile concept was simple. They wanted to rent lockable boxes to both consumers and businesses so that parcels would be delivered first time, every time. After thoroughly searching the market the company couldn’t find a digital locking mechanism that would provide real-time data – a critical but not easily solved part of the whole concept. 

Harnessing IoT with BT Final Mile

IoT device design consultancy

We brought BT’s vision for Final Mile from idea to proof of concept in a matter of weeks, accelerating time to market with our in-house design consultancy service. 

BT Final Mile Van Driver

Securing data at every point

Security is baked into every part of the solution. From creating electronics in the lock with built-in firmware and the ability to channel real time data via GPS to users via BT Final Mile’s front-end system, to capturing an audit trail of all box activity.  

BT Final Mile Locker

Optimising the supply chain

A single AnyNet+ SIM card is embedded into each locker and ensures its connected to the strongest possible network, everywhere, everytime. The engineers are instantly alerted when items and spare parts arrive at the box, improving asset visibility dramatically.   

BT Final Mile Van and Lockers

With the BT Final Mile UK network of intelligent lockers a company can promise its engineers that parts will be closer to hand. This, in conjunction with BT Final Mile distribution services, ensures that engineers can receive parts when required which results in less time on the road, a reduction in CO2 and more time delivering the best service possible for the customer

Steven Maddison, Managing Director

Each digital locking mechanism contains an AnyNet+ SIM, allowing two-way messaging using the most appropriate mobile network available. This enables the lock to share codes and notifications, as well as capture events –for example it takes a photo of users and items delivered – but it also tracks usage and system functionality and delivers firmware updates effortlessly over-the-air

Jon Darley, Director of Things

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