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PathoSans Uses IoT to Create Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

Discover why PathoSans chose Eseye to provide a reliable and cost-effective cellular solution to meet its growing needs.

Real-time System Data Helps PathoSans Deliver Best Customer Experience

PathoSans’ family of on-site generation systems enables customers in commercial and industrial markets to produce cleaning and sanitising solutions on demand, in their own facilities.

The PathoSans® PS600 series of generators produce two non-irritating, environmentally responsible solutions using just salt, water, and electricity: Pathocide, a disinfectant, and Pathoclean, a cleaner and degreaser. The innovative system electrochemically activates the water in a process known as electrolysis, to create a highly effective product. 

Customers in environments including retail outlets, restaurants, office buildings, etc. can produce as many solutions as their cleaning teams need, as and when they need them. As well as increasing efficiency and sustainability, this approach avoids any problems caused by interruptions to the supply chain.  

Each on-site generator is connected via the cellular network, with multiple sensors collecting data on various parameters such as voltage, current, and pH. This allows PathoSans and its customers to remotely monitor the ‘health’ of the system, and track trends. 

PathoSans’ generators use IoT technology to connect to a central IoT Hub and customer portal, via Eseye’s HERA 604 routers and AnyNet+ SIMs, meaning customers are provided with real-time data on the state of their systems, which allows any issues to be identified before they have an impact on operations.  

PathoSans uses IoT technology to gather real-time data on the state of customers’ systems, but support from its previous connectivity provider was poor. This was compounded by technical limitations that restricted cellular coverage and made data costly. They needed a new approach.

Why PathoSans chose Eseye

Near 100% uptime for generators

Near 100% Connectivity

Eseye’s reliable and resilient connectivity solution provides the highest levels of coverage and availability.

Commercial Flexibility

PathoSans can use the Infinity IoT Platform™ to tailor the mix of MNOs to meet needs and budget, and get the best coverage in each location.

Cost Reductions

Since partnering with Eseye, savings on connectivity hardware (modem) and data have exceeded expectations.

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“The modems from our previous supplier didn’t meet our security requirements, and there were technical limitations. There were only two SIMs available, restricting us to a choice of two mobile network operators (MNOs). This meant coverage was limited, plus data was extremely expensive. We needed a more reliable, cost-effective solution, and this prompted us to look for an alternative communications vendor”, Miroslava Manzanares, Project Manager,  

In 2018, PathoSans approached Eseye, attracted by its advanced cellular connectivity solution that offers access to more than 700 providers. They needed the ability to house multiple IMSIs on a single SIM, so the AnyNet+ SIM stood out to them as it offers greater flexibility and reliability. By choosing Eseye, PathoSans is reducing the risk of device downtime as the AnyNet+ SIM automatically switches to an alternative provider on any loss of connectivity.   

PathoSans decided to change their connectivity provider to partner with Eseye, and currently has hundreds of units out in the field in customer locations that are connected via Eseye’s high-speed Hera 604 routers and embedded AnyNet+ eSIMs to provide highly resilient worldwide cellular connectivity. 

Harnessing IoT with PathoSans

Staying ahead of maintenance issues

The Hera 604 router aggregates multiple sensors, units and data points to provide remote access to data from each generator. PathoSans system receives regular data updates from the sensors, and compiles status reports every 30 minutes, enabling serial data flows to be analysed in real-time. The system is also set up to send an alert instantly if something is not right, so anomalies can be analysed and diagnosed before an engineer is dispatched to the site. 

Set up to succeed 

“Eseye’s configuration expertise was a very big help when we were integrating all of the systems together”, Manzanares shares. PathoSans has taken advantage of Eseye’s IoT Advisory Services to build resilience into its system, including support with IoT device onboarding, deployment and configuration, which other vendors weren’t able to provide. The company is also benefiting from ongoing technical support services. 

Infinity IoT Platform™

Infinity™ offers ultimate flexibility and control of commercial arrangements. PathoSans can tailor the mix of MNOs to meet its needs and budget, and get the best coverage in each location. Eseye’s Bring Your Own Contract (BYOC) capability allows customers to transfer over their existing MNO contracts, billing, negotiated rates and deals if they wish to.

Improved response times and operational efficiencies

Eseye’s global service desk gives PathoSans round-the-clock access to expert advice and guidance. “Eseye’s support and response is always really timely, and we get all of our questions answered.” – Miroslava Manzanares, Project Engineer, PathoSans.

It’s imperative that we position ourselves as an innovative technology provider, as much as a superior alternative for effective cleaning chemistry. You can’t just say you’re a tech company; you have to demonstrate it. Partnering with Eseye was a step in the right direction towards proving that claim and enables PathoSans to provide a true IoT solution.

Jim McCann, Marketing Director

PathoSans is leading the way! Its innovative, environmentally-friendly technology provides an effective way to disinfect almost any surface without harsh chemicals. It’s our pleasure to offer PathoSans a cost-effective and highly reliable connectivity solution, giving it the network redundancy it needs for higher machine uptime.

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO

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