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IoT Connectivity Helps Relieve Pressure on Water Companies.

Learn how Eseye’s highly reliable, near 100% cellular connectivity has transformed Ovarro’s water monitoring and control service offering.

Ovarro improves the water industry with connected IoT solutions   

Ovarro, formerly Primayer & Servelec Technologies, offers end-to-end technology products which monitor and control infrastructure, including water, oil and gas, broadcast, and transportation. 

3.3 billion litres of water are lost through leaking pipes each day according to data from the UK water industry regulator Ofwat: the equivalent to 20 per cent of the nation’s water supply and enough to service the needs of 11 million consumers.  

Ovarro provides technology for water network management and leakage control and required a connectivity solution that would resolve inconsistent and poor coverage they were experiencing.

Why Ovarro chose Eseye

IoT connectivity helps to relieve pressure on water companies


Always-on connectivity

Embedded with Eseye’s SIMs, Ovarro’s devices can automatically switch networks to avoid any loss in connectivity.

Icon_Scale New Markets

Ability to scale

With access to truly global coverage, Ovarro can scale at ease into new markets without dealing with individual operators.

Icon_One bill

One aggregated bill

One single global connectivity bill combines the costs of network providers across all contracts.

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Take a deeper dive into Ovarro’s IoT journey. Find out how we helped them overcome hurdles that might stall your IoT project, and see how we can help your business succeed with IoT.

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The water industry has long been measuring flow rates to help pinpoint the location of leaks and enable repairs to be completed. Historically water companies predominantly used manual loggers to store data with a technician visiting each device to collect the information. 

This process suited a purpose, but it was costly and required a vast amount of time. Furthermore, data only arrived from each device a few times a month which presented challenges when responding to incidents quickly. GSM and SMS data loggers went some way to solve this but still posed some major connectivity and hardware challenges.   

One is that they operate with a network-specific SIM, meaning that different SIMs are required for different locations due to network coverage. Also, the GSM loggers used a SIM card placed into a slot, which raised potential problems with waterproofing.  

After consulting with Eseye to overcome these connectivity challenges, Ovarro implemented Eseye’s AnyNet embedded multi-IMSI chip SIM cards and fitted them into the XiLog+ and Phocus3m loggers across their global estate. Armed with this smart solution, Ovarro now has reliable connections across the globe and has resolved the GSM logger’s waterproofing concerns.

Harnessing IoT with Ovarro

Connectivity even in harsh conditions

Eseye can deliver fast, reliable connectivity even in remote, rural locations and harsh environments to ensure Ovarro has a steady stream of real-time data collection.  

Ovarro leak found

Simplified global management

Using Eseye’s embedded SIM cards, Ovarro customers do not need to negotiate individual deals with operators to connect with local networks; Ovarro provides a single solution to over 90% of the market. 

Ovarro monitoring hub

Optimal device design

Leaks are a problem of the past now that Ovarro has securely waterproofed its devices and embedded Eseye’s SIM cards into its water loggers.   

Ovarro Maintenance

The Eseye solution also offers one single global bill which combines the costs of network providers across all contracts. This aggregation means I can approach a customer in any location and easily understand the cost to me and therefore understand the cost to them. That capability coupled with the ability to provide a SIM that works for their geographical region is a tremendous advantage. This ability to remove the complexities of working globally is proving essential to our own growth ambitions

Barbara Hathaway, VP Engineering

The scale of success we’re already starting to see in America would not have been possible without being able to offer a reliable solution to customers regardless of their location. This ability to remove the complexities of working globally is proving essential to our own growth ambitions

Barbara Hathaway, VP of Engineering

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