Internet of Cranes: The Fassi Cranes IoT Story


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The monitoring and maintenance of crane fleets has traditionally involved the operator fielding a team of technicians who – armed with tool bag and logbook – needed to travel to the site to carry out the necessary work, often responding reactively to incidents. Fassi Gru recognised the potential of emerging Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this process.

Fassi turned to IoT solutions provider Micro Systems and cellular connectivity specialist Eseye to bring this dedicated IoT system to life. Working in partnership, Eseye and Micro Systems helped Fassi design, develop and deploy its IoC, providing hardware and connectivity expertise.

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Case Study

A leading manufacturer of articulated and hydraulic cranes, Fassi Gru S.p.A. has customers all over the globe and the ability to produce 12,000 cranes on average per year. As a pioneer in its sector, it has always sought to create innovative services to support operators.

Fassi began developing a unique system – called the Internet of Cranes (IoC) – that would take advantage of IoT technology to provide intelligent control for the remote management of cranes, by making all information related to the operation, performance and status available in real-time.

The manufacturer sought a ubiquitous connectivity solution and a comprehensive localisation strategy that would reliably provide its customers with real-time remote access to data on their cranes, wherever in the world they were deployed.

Working in partnership with IoT solutions provider Micro Systems, Eseye helped Fassi Gru S.p.A. to design, develop and deploy its Internet of Cranes system. Eseye’s AnyNet SIM cards deliver the seamless universal cellular connectivity required to operate Fassi’s Internet of Cranes® (IoC) system to its full potential, through a single device.

Combining localisation and roaming partners, Eseye has access to over 700+ networks and holds roaming contracts with all of the world’s major mobile phone operators covering 190 countries.

Together our connectivity and hardware expertise have optimised operations across the entire fleet, allowing Fassi Gru S.p.A. to truly go global. It’s an easy, zero-touch operation for the end customer who simply activate the SIM to get going.

Fassi Gru has improved uptime – remote access to data supports rapid diagnosis and assistance. Now with detailed usage statistics, operators have optimised operation and efficiency, and it has opened up new opportunities for predictive maintenance.

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Valentino Birolini

Valentino Birolini

Innovation & Knowledge – R&D Fassi

Working in the research and development at Fassi: Valentino is responsible for driving innovation including their new Internet of Cranes concept that is transforming the market around the world.

Marco Parmegiani

Pre Sales IoT Solutions, Eseye

A successful Technical Relationship Manager specialising in the M2M, IT & Communications sector. He has a thorough understanding of the products and sales, in manufacturers, vendors, distributors and resellers.

Tiziana Tosi

Tiziana Tosi

Marketing Lead, MicroSystems

Passionate about technology, professional and consumer, Tiziana has developed an in depth understanding of the latest innovations allowing her to better communicate the intricacies of IoT.