Solving Permanent Roaming Challenges Through eSIM Localisation


Can you risk your IoT devices losing connection?

This research whitepaper produced by Kaleido Intelligence for Eseye showcases findings from a new study into how eSIM Localisation can solve permanent roaming challenges:

  • The current and projected growth of eSIM
  • eSIM customer challenges: permanent roaming, vertical applications, security.
  • The need for eSIM localisation: facilitating the needs of IoT customers
  • How eSIM and Localisation can future proof IoT deployments

Why eSIM?

What sets the eSIM apart from other SIMs is that the process of switching from one connectivity service provider no longer requires the UICC to be physically changed, as is the case for traditional SIM deployments.

In the IoT world, companies frequently deploy fleets of SIM-enabled devices that may run into hundreds of thousands of units. Should these companies wish to or be forced to change connectivity providers, the potential cost implications of physically having to swap SIM cards for these devices are significant.

eSIM presents a simple, flexible, over-the-air solution. Kaleido Intelligence predict by 2025, over 65% of all eSIM compatible IoT devices are expected to use the eSIM connection throughout the year.

Complete Control

Manage your global IoT estate

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Can you risk your devices losing connection?

Learn more about our AnyNet+ SIM