IoT Solutions: Hera 604 Router

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Need simple, reliable, and resilient global connectivity for your IoT devices? Look no further than the Hera 604 router: IoT edge hardware as it should be.

This out-of-the-box connectivity solution provides highly resilient and available worldwide cellular connectivity, ensuring high uptime for your devices, low maintenance, and continuous delivery of the best possible customer experience.

Adaptable for a variety of use cases, the Hera 604 router aggregates multiple sensors, different units, and data points.

Adopted by companies like Costa Express and Gilbarco Veeder Root, Eseye’s high-speed Hera 604 router is a managed M2M-Grade AnyNet 3G/4G Ethernet/ Wi-Fi router that works seamlessly with our embedded multi-IMSI AnyNet Secure SIM.

What’s more, the Hera 604 can come embedded with the AWS service agent built-in – allowing you to seamlessly provision data to your AWS environment.


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