Navigating the PSTI Regulation Act for Connected IoT Products

80% of organizations have suffered an IoT related cyber-attack in the past year, Irdeto’s research found. Effective 29 April 2024, the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act 2022 and PSTI Regulations 2023 is a pivotal legislative framework designed to address the evolving landscape of digital security in IoT ecosystems.






Get a copy of our whitepaper to clue up on: 

  • A layman’s definition of the PSTI Act and Regulations
  • What products and markets are covered by PSTI legislation 
  • Which players in the supply chain need to urgently act and why
  • Three legal requirements to make your IoT product compliant
  • How our cybersecurity professionals can ensure your device is PSTI compliant and meets the ETSI standard

Navigating the PSTI Act

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IoT Breakthrough Awards 2023

IoT Breakthrough Awards 2023

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ won the M2M Platform of the Year at the 2023 IoT Breakthrough Awards.

Computing Technology Product Awards 2022

Computing Technology Product Awards 2022

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ won the prestigious 'IoT Product of the Year' at the 2022 Technology Product Awards.

Kaleido Intelligence Connectivity Vendor Hub 2022

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ was recognised as a Kaleido High Flyer in the 'Connectivity Management Platform' category.

Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards 2022

The Infinity IoT Platform™ won the ‘Best IoT Security Platform (Platinum)’ award at Juniper Research's 2022 Future Digital Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards.